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Bio & Health Tech Entrepreneurship Lab NYC

ELabNYC is a prestigious six-month training and coaching program for aspiring entrepreneurs in the city’s life sciences and healthcare technology community.

Bio and Health Lab


Each year, we seek twenty talented individuals and teams passionate about the world of entrepreneurship and commercializing important innovations for patients. Applications are due in November, with the six-month program launching in January of every year with sessions held in mid-town Manhattan. 

The first in a series of Eds & Meds NYC 2020 initiatives, the ELabNYC program provides extensive support to early-career researchers and engineers, post-docs, and graduate students of science interested in forming new biotech and health tech ventures. Launched in partnership with the Bloomberg administration, and led by a team of experienced entrepreneurs, the Lab is designed to:

  • Develop a more vibrant ecosystem for entrepreneurship and venture creation in the City’s academic life sciences and healthcare communities
  • Teach entrepreneurial business concepts to aspiring entrepreneurs, including concepts that are fundamental to the life sciences and healthcare industries
  • Define a clear path for New York City's entrepreneurially-minded graduate students and post-docs to start or join new commercial ventures based in NYC
  • Build a local platform for the next generation of life sciences and healthcare technology entrepreneurs in NYC

To learn more about the program and our application process, please visit If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected].

Selection Criteria


Participants should live or work in New York City and have a background or education in science or technology (i.e., earned undergraduate or graduate degree in science or engineering within the past ten years). Co-applicants are welcome and encouraged. In addition, each participant or participating team must have a technology or innovation and be committed to starting a new venture. Technology innovations may fall in the areas of therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics, bioinformatics, research tools, or healthcare IT.

Selection Criteria

In our review of your application, personal statement, proposed entrepreneurial concept, and potential interview, we will be looking for evidence of the following:

  • Commitment to pursuing entrepreneurship as demonstrated by innovative idea and references
  • Resourcefulness, business judgment, and ability to engage partners
  • Former participation in business training programs a plus
  • Need for advanced business experience/training
  • Record of scientific publications or patents
  • Demonstration of written and oral communication skills

ELAB Class of 2018

At ElabNYC’s 2018 Pitch Day, the 20 companies from the class of 2018 presented to a standing-room-only crowd. 

The companies included:

1. MyReLeaf

2. TEZCAT Laboratories

3. YouMatter

4. Motion2Movement

5. Cathecare

6. Lysimmune BioScience

7. Chemitope Glycopeptide

8. Veripad

9. Ardent

10. Synthis

11. Microstructure Imaging

12. Savvy Cooperative

13. Haystack Diagnostics LLC

14. Gentroma

15. Microstructure Imaging

16. Pathc Benefit

17. Sonify Bioscience

18. Lipidsense

19. Aldentyfy

20. BrainFUS

Visit the ElabNYC website for more in-depth information on the companies.

Advisory Board Members:

  • Kathleen Denis, Founding Director, Office of Technology Transfer, The Rockefeller University
  • Yves Duroseau, Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine at Lenox Hill Hospital
  • Andras Forgacs, Co-Founder & CEO, Modern Meadow
  • Joe Landolina, CEO and Co-Founder, Cresilon 
  • John Pennett, Life Sciences Partner EisneAmper 
  • Linda Malek, Partner, Moses & Singer
  • Donna See, Vice President, Allied Minds
  • Brian Yarnell, Bluestream Health

News & Updates


    ELab NYC Alum Suneris Launches VETIGEL

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    Joe Landolina was a freshman in college when he invented VETIGEL, a plant-based gel that stops severe bleeding in less than twelve seconds. Soon after, he co-founded the medical technology company Suneris and embarked on a mini-MBA program through NYCEDC’s Bio & Health Entrepreneurship Lab.
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