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NYCEDC Announces Industrial Development Will Create 50 New Permanent Jobs and 100 Construction Jobs in the Zerega Industrial Business Zone

CJSA Realty LLC Will Redevelop Vacant 100,000-Square-Foot Industrial Property


New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) today announced the selection of CJSA Realty LLC to redevelop a vacant 100,000-square-foot site located at 535-537 Zerega Avenue, within the Zerega Industrial Business Zone in the Bronx. CJSA plans to construct a new 31,000-square-foot facility on the property to be used as the new company headquarters and vehicle repair facility for D-J Ambulette. D-J Ambulette will use the site to expand its operations, creating 50 new permanent jobs—in addition to its current workforce of 238 employees—and 100 construction jobs. The reactivation of vacant and underutilized industrial property is a key component of City’s recently announced 22 initiatives to strengthen the industrial sector and help small industrial businesses stay and grow in New York City.
“Activating vacant properties within Industrial Business Zones is a critical step in the Bloomberg Administration’s efforts to support and grow New York City’s industrial sector,” said New York City Economic Development Corporation President Seth W. Pinsky. “The redevelopment of this underutilized Bronx site will create dozens of new jobs, and stimulate the type of economic activity that will benefit this community and the entire borough for decades to come.”
“I am delighted by the news that CJSA Realty has been selected to construct the new headquarters for D-J Ambulette on Zerega Avenue,” said Council Member Annabel Palma of the Bronx.  “D-J Ambulette is a Bronx-bred company with over 20 years of history in our community and with this agreement, not only will they continue to be a Bronx company, but they will bring 50 new jobs to our borough and that’s good for everyone.  I want to thank President Seth Pinsky and everyone at EDC who helped to make this deal happen.”
“We are delighted that through EDC, one of our best Bronx businesses will now have the opportunity to expand and create additional high paying jobs in the Bronx while meeting the needs of our borough’s neediest population,” said said Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation President Marlene Cintron.
“This a great opportunity for my community,” said Al Heyward, Chairperson of Community Board 9. “First the development of a vacant lot is always a plus, and the creation of new jobs is a win win.  Other businesses in the community will also not doubt benefit from the development. Good work.”
“We believe this is a great opportunity to continue to grow our company in the Bronx,” said Steve Squiteri, Managing Member of D-J Ambulette.  “While these are very difficult economic times right now, we believe that the economy will improve and that this plan will allow us to continue to grow and create good jobs for Bronx residents in the future”
Founded in the Bronx over 20 years ago, D-J Ambulette provides ambulatory and transportation services for patients of nursing homes, adult day care centers, and hospitals. The company leases space nearby on 1200 Zerega Avenue. Of the 31,000 square-foot building, 6,000 square feet of space will be used for offices and a dispatch depot, with the remaining 25,000 square feet of space used for vehicle repair, and storage. There will be 202 parking spaces provided on the site for workers and the company’s fleet of para-transit vehicles.
C JSA was selected to redevelop the site based on their response to an RFP issued in fall 2010. The development still must receive all necessary public approvals before proceeding. Pending approvals, construction is expected to commence in 2014. CJSA plans to purchase the site from the City for $1.2 million. The development intends to seek LEED silver rating.
As part of its development, CJSA has committed to use New York City Economic Development Corporation’s HireNYC program to create a targeted local hiring plan to fill the jobs generated by the project. HireNYC is a free City program that connects the City's workforce development services to economic development projects.
The industrial sector is an integral part of the City’s economy that has faced serious challenges in recent decades, but now offers real opportunities for growth and development. Last June, the City announced 22 initiatives that will revitalize, modernize, and preserve up to 9 million square feet of underutilized industrial space, and create and retain up to 30,000 direct and indirect industrial jobs, generate annual payroll earnings of more than $900 million and more than $150 million in City tax revenue.
The initiatives resulted from an inter-agency review of the City’s industrial policies, led by Deputy Mayor for Economic Development Robert K. Steel, New York City Economic Development Corporation President Seth W. Pinsky, Department of Small Business Services Commissioner Robert W. Walsh and City Planning Commissioner Amanda M. Burden. The review found that while the City’s industrial sector has been declining in line with national trends of 8 percent annually over the past 10 years, there are certain subsectors showing stability and growth. As offshoring costs increase, it is anticipated that industrial activities will continue to grow nationwide. New York City in particular offers unique location-based advantages for industrial activity, including a population of about 8.4 million, access to a large workforce and highly-skilled labor, and one of the nation’s busiest ports based on import volume.  The review also found that industrial businesses in the City are challenged by a lack of building stock appropriate for modern industrial uses, higher costs, and difficulty maneuvering City processes. Industrial sectors account for 15 percent of New York City’s overall private employment and more than 23 percent of employment outside of Manhattan, and industrial jobs have a mean wage of $67,000.


New York City Economic Development Corporation is the City's primary vehicle for promoting economic growth in each of the five boroughs. NYCEDC's mission is to stimulate growth through expansion and redevelopment programs that encourage investment, generate prosperity and strengthen the City's competitive position. NYCEDC serves as an advocate to the business community by building relationships with companies that allow them to take advantage of New York City's many opportunities. Find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, or visit our blog to learn more about NYCEDC projects and initiatives.


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