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NYCEDC Announces Changes to NYC Ferry's Soundview Route

East 34th St. will be added to the Soundview Route, and East 62nd St. will be removed due to ensure passenger safety

Three routes currently connect New Yorkers for $2.75; Astoria Route set to launch Tuesday, August 29

NYC Ferry Map (New) 2017 and 2018

New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) today announced that East 34th St. will be added as a stop on the NYC Ferry Soundview Route. The addition of a stop at East 34th St. will provide Bronx residents with easier access to Midtown Manhattan, where free bus shuttle service will run East–West along 34th St. from the ferry landing, and increased connectivity to three other NYC Ferry Routes: Astoria, East River, and next year, the Lower East Side. 

An additional change to the Soundview Route includes the removal of a proposed East 62nd St. stop. After consultation with harbor regulators, NYCEDC has determined that locating a ferry landing at East 62nd St.  would pose serious safety concerns for the regulatory and maritime community that cannot be feasibly solved. Significant barge traffic in the area and limited space in the narrow channel create risk of collision. After a thorough review of engineering options and operational alternatives, NYCEDC and harbor regulators determined such safety risks outweighed the benefits of having a ferry landing at that location on the East River. The addition of East 34th St. to the route will guarantee three stops in Manhattan and result in a nearly net-zero change in commute times.

There are three NYC Ferry routes currently operating, with a fourth set to launch in August: the Astoria Route, which will connect Astoria, Long Island City North, Roosevelt Island, East 34th St., and Wall St./Pier 11. In addition to the Soundview Route, the Lower East Side Route will launch next year.

Due to high demand, NYC Ferry recently announced that it will be adding capacity to three of its twenty boats. These new boats will be outfitted with bigger engines and a capacity of up to 250 passengers.

Once fully operational in 2018, the NYC Ferry system will cover more than 60 miles of waterway at $2.75 per ride, the same cost of a subway ride, and the cost of a 30-day unlimited ferry pass mirrors the cost of a 30-day MetroCard at $121. This price point builds on Mayor de Blasio's commitment to ensuring that NYC Ferry is affordable to New Yorkers.

Ferry riders can download the NYC Ferry app to purchase e-tickets, allowing for easy scan-and-go boarding, get detailed maps and schedules, and receive real-time notifications and service alerts. Use of the app provides a more environmentally friendly service by reducing the use of paper tickets, although ticketing kiosks will also be available at each landing. The NYC Ferry app is live and available for download in both the Apple and Google Play stores.

NYC Ferry homeport construction is currently underway at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The 56,000-square-foot maintenance and storage facility will include berthing space for up to 25 boats, supplies and parts, and utilities, including a 40,000-gallon diesel fueling system. The homeport will also be the site for routine maintenance, including exterior and interior cleaning, restocking of food and beverage items, fueling, and basic repairs. It will be fully outfitted by early 2018.

Additionally, there will be a new ferry landing at the Brooklyn Navy Yard near the homeport facility that will be part of the East River Route and is slated to start service by fall 2018.

NYC Ferry is hiring for various jobs, including captains and deckhands. Jobseekers can apply directly through Hornblower's website, NYC Ferry will ultimately provide 200 jobs, all of which will pay the City's Living Wage or higher and includes comprehensive benefits.

For those seeking inspiration for their NYC Ferry travels, NYC & Company has listed suggested places to check out by neighborhood at and encourage sharing experiences on social media using the hashtag #seeyourcity.


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