#04 NYC Restaurants By the Numbers

Every month our experts in the Center for Economic Transformation do some pretty serious data analysis and produce an Economic Snapshot. Every Snapshot covers info on Employment, Real Estate & Construction, Tourism, Travel, & Transit, along with a changing topic du jour each month, which our in-house economists use their keen analytical skills to shed light on.

December 2010’s special topic is something a lot of New Yorkers hold near and dear to their, uh, stomachs. Ever wonder how many restaurants are in the five boroughs? Or how many New Yorkers work in the restaurant industry? We’ve got all the details for you…along with some fun facts like the most popular cuisine types (what comes out on top: Chinese or American?).

But the information doesn’t stop there. Finding out about economic insights is even easier now with our new monthly podcast with NYCEDC’s Chief Economist Francesco Brindisi. Listen to Francesco talk about NYC restaurants in December’s podcast. Like what you hear? You can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.

Do you have an idea for what the rotating special topic should be? In the past we’ve taken at look at things from office space to food wholesale trade to subway ridership. Leave us your suggestions in the comment section and maybe we’ll use one for an upcoming Snapshot.