Upcoming Capital Program Opportunities

New York City Economic Development Corporation (“NYCEDC”) is seeking design, engineering, construction and construction management firms interested in providing services for various projects listed below (the “Projects”). NYCEDC intends to issue Requests for Qualifications (“RFQ”), Requests for Proposals (“RFP”), and Invitations for Bids (“IFB”), as further described below, from interested firms. This Notice is being issued solely for informational and planning purposes and does not constitute a solicitation.

The projects are to include design, construction, construction management and resident engineering services for infrastructure, streetscapes, waterfront improvements, new buildings, building renovations, and other work as described below. NYCEDC intends to issue solicitations for the Projects on or about the dates listed below.  Each solicitation will provide full details of specific submittal requirements for each Project. NYCEDC reserves the sole right, without incurring any liability, to change any aspect of the proposed Projects described below, including the right to not proceed with any solicitation, and/or the right to proceed in a different manner or on a different timeline than as described below.

  • 79th Street Boat Basin. NYCEDC intends to issue a Request For Proposals for marine engineers and landscape architects in Fall 2018 for waterfront engineering and landscape design services for the dredging and reconstruction of the 79th Street Boat Basin on the Hudson River in Manhattan.
  • Pier 42. NYCEDC intends to issue a Request For Proposals in Fall 2018 for Construction Management Services for the construction of an upland 7-acre park and related facilities between Pier 42 and the FDR drive on the East River in Lower Manhattan.
  • Capital Program CM Retainer Contract. NYCEDC intends to issue a Request for Proposals for retainer construction management services for use with the Capital Program department (CAP) in Fall 2018. CAP does not currently hold such retainer contracts (though it has in past years). The new contracts will be for use on a variety of projects to be implemented by CAP. It is expected that one or more contracts will be awarded. Individual project assignments will be awarded under the retainer contract(s) on a task-order basis. It is expected that the contract(s) will be valid for between 3 and 5 years.
  • Inwood Academy Street and North Cove Parks. NYCEDC intends to issue a Request for Proposals for civil engineers and landscape architects in Fall 2018 for design services to develop park areas at two Harlem River waterfront parcels in Inwood, Manhattan.