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On September 21, 2010, NYCIDA approved a package of important reforms to their operating procedures that established guidelines for greater transparency and accessibility, including more rigorous job reporting and compliance requirements, broadcasting of both public hearings and board meetings, and dissemination of more project information before hearings. These reforms are part of a continuous and ongoing review of policies and procedures to make NYCIDA more open and efficient.

Reforms to NYCIDA's operating procedures include:

  • Improving reporting accuracy by requiring applicants for NYCIDA benefits to provide both citywide and project-specific wage and employment information. Compliance staff will also meet with all applicants at an earlier point prior to closing to coordinate continued corporate accountability for reporting performance data;
  • Broadcasting of all public hearings and board of directors meetings;
  • Improving accessibility to cost-benefit analysis information for each project by posting it online at least twelve days prior to the related hearing. NYCIDA will also disclose further information regarding as of right and discretionary City and State benefits for which the project has qualified or may qualify for as of the date of application;
  • Providing the public with earlier access to agendas of board meetings online; and
  • Disseminating follow-up information to subscriber email lists when cost-benefit analyses are posted, as well as opening up the email list to any member of the general public who wishes to sign-up for email notifications for NYCIDA or Build NYC announcements.

To learn more, view the 2010 Omnibus Resolution. These policies supplement an earlier Omnibus Resolution passed on September 26, 2006, also known as the 2006 Omnibus Resolution.

NYCIDA Statements & Documents

Acquisition & Disposition of Personal Property Guidelines

Acquisition & Disposition of Real Property Guidelines

Board Meeting Attendance - FY2017

Board Meeting Attendance - FY2016

Board Performance Evaluation - FY2017

Board Performance Evaluation - FY2016

Board Structure


Code of Ethics for Directors and Officers

Code of Ethics for Salaried Officers & Employees

Committee Members

Compensation Schedule & Number of Employees

Description of Authority, Major Authority Units, & Subsidiaries 

Description of Material Pending Litigation - FY2017

Description of Material Pending Litigation - FY2016

Enabling Statute

Enforcement Action Report

Internal Control Assessment - FY2017 (Auditor)

Internal Control Assessment - FY2016 (Auditor)

Internal Control Assessment - FY2017 (Management)

Internal Control Assessment - FY2016 (Management)

Material Operations & Program Changes

Mission Statement and Performance Measurements

New York City Charter, Chapter 68 Conflict of Interest


Operations & Accomplishments - FY2017

Operations & Accomplishments - FY2016  

Organizational Chart

Performance Measurement Report - FY2017

Performance Measurement Report - FY2016

Procurement of Goods & Services Policies

Procurement Report - PARIS FY2017

Procurement Report - PARIS FY2016

Protection for Whistleblowers Policy

Uniform Tax Exemption Policy (UTEP)

Uniform Tax Exemption Policy for Hudson Yards Commercial Construction Projects (2006)

NYCIDA Settlement Committee Notice

Annual Report

PARIS Annual Report - FY2017

PARIS Annual Report - FY2016


Analysis & Measurements of Financial & Operating Performance - FY2017

Analysis & Measurements of Financial & Operating Performance - FY2016

Budget & Financial Plan - PARIS FY2019

Budget & Financial Plan - PARIS FY2018

Certified Financial Audit - FY2017

Certified Financial Audit - FY2016

Certified Financial Audit - PARIS FY2017

Certified Financial Audit - PARIS FY2016

Investment Guidelines

Investment Report - FY2017

Investment Report - FY2016

Investment Report - PARIS FY2017

Investment Report - PARIS FY2016

Long-Term Liabilities - FY2017

Long-Term Liabilities - FY2016

Operating & Financial Risks - FY2017 

Operating & Financial Risks - FY2016

Schedule of Bonds & Notes Outstanding - FY2017 

Schedule of Bonds & Notes Outstanding - FY2016

Property Report Pursuant to Section 2896 (3)(a) - FY2017

Property Report Pursuant to Section 2896 (3)(a) - FY2016

Summary Financial Information - PARIS FY2017

Summary Financial Information - PARIS FY2016 

Project Documents

Pursuant to amendments made to the IDA Act on March 28, 2013, NYCIDA is required to post certain Project documents to its website.

Such documents can be found by following the link below:

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NYCIDA Audit Committee Meeting Minutes 

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