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Audio Podcasts

  • #83: Private Sector Dips and the Gender Wage Gap in New York City

    Simon and Kim are shaking things up this month with a new format and a two-part podcast. First, we take a look at the state of private sector employment in March 2017, and then we explore the gender wage gap in New York City and around the country.

  • #82: Interest Rates Take a Hike!

    What happens when the Fed raises interest rates? How do these interest hikes affect everyday New Yorkers? This month, our old friend and colleague Kim Grauer joins us to discuss everything you've ever wanted to know about how these interest rates affect the economy. Don't miss it!

  • #81: How to Make Sense of the Numbers (Deep Dive Edition)

    Job numbers are high, construction is bustling, and the Gross City Product is up 1.7% — but what does that all really mean? Simon and Andrew break from their regular programming and dive into the data to explain to everyday New Yorkers how to make sense of it all.