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Staten Island Ferry Terminals Retail

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Each year, more than 19 million riders pass through the Staten Island Ferry.

In addition to providing a welcoming and state-of-the-art experience for travelers, the new Whitehall Terminal in Lower Manhattan and St. George Terminal in Staten Island present an exceptional opportunity for retailers seeking a steady and reliable stream of potential customers.

Staten Island Ferry Terminals

Impeccable Retail Setting

Together, the new terminals offer approximately thirty-six thousand square feet of prime retail space in a beautiful and sought-after waterfront setting. Each terminal features soaring ceilings and vast windows that provide breathtaking views and allow an abundance of natural light to fill the space.

The terminals also offer extensive public seating, both indoor and outdoor, to accommodate shoppers and those waiting for ferries.

Consumer Market

Almost 70,000 riders pass through the Terminals on weekdays alone, creating a steady and reliable stream of potential customers. This primary market of consumers includes commuters, tourists, and other visitors. Another market unique to the Whitehall Terminal is the daily influx to the area of three hundred thousand office workers.

In addition, approximately 47,500 residents live in the neighborhoods surrounding St. George and Whitehall Terminals.

A recent survey indicates that residents spend approximately ten dollars per day while in the Terminals and on the ferries. Popular items purchased include beverages, baked goods, snack foods, newspapers, and other reading materials.

Fast Facts

  • Free ferry service
  • 24/7
  • 365 days a year
  • 104 daily boat trips
  • Over 19 million passengers each year

St. George Terminal

The St. George Terminal’s twenty-nine thousand square feet of retail space presents an opportunity for retailers to serve the almost 29,500 residents who live in that neighborhood.

St. George Terminal also sees surges in traffic associated with its proximity to the Richmond County Bank Ballpark, home of the Staten Island Yankees, which has thirty-eight baseball games and ninety other events annually.

The mix of tenants would include both take-out and sit-down food options, with enough variety to encourage ferry riders to linger, eat, shop and seek out Staten Island attractions.

A unique opportunity exists for two waterfront eating and drinking establishments in larger spaces that boast spectacular views of Manhattan. Both have ample outdoor spaces with the additional potential for special events.

Riders have specifically expressed interest in a full-service pharmacy and a well-stocked international magazine and newsstand with books about New York City and Staten Island.

Fast Facts

  • 29,500 local residents
  • Serves Richmond County Bank Ballpark

Whitehall Terminal

The Whitehall Terminal offers seven thousand square feet of retail space and enjoys a strategic location in Lower Manhattan, the nation’s third-largest business district.

Along with the eighteen thousand residents who live in the neighborhood surrounding Whitehall Terminal, the area boasts almost eighty-six million square feet of office space and over three hundred thousand office employees who represent additional spending potential for restaurants and other offerings.

The goal for Whitehall Terminal is a consumer experience with a distinct New York City character, including a cluster of food vendors with broad recognition among the area office workers, residents, and tourists. This will help cultivate an additional customer base independent of the ferry rider market.

Specific goods and services envisioned for Whitehall Terminal include a florist, chocolatier, shoeshine, international newsstand and multilingual information booth.

Fast Facts

  • Eighteen thousand residents
  • Three hundred thousand nearby office workers