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Brooklyn Army Terminal Atrium

  • Rail Line
  • Atrium
  • Balcony
  • Floor Plan
  • Available Space: ~ 41,600 sf
  • Status: Available

The Brooklyn Army Terminal (“BAT”), designed by Cass Gilbert of the Woolworth Building in 1918, was the largest of five supply bases commissioned to serve the immediate needs of the Army in World War I. The Atrium spans more than 41,000 square feet offering a large light-filled space with unique historical features, including the two original rail lines that were once used to deliver freight and the staggered balconies from which cargo was then loaded and unloaded by movable cranes.

The Atrium offers plenty of natural light and also electrical lighting beneath the covered walkway. Other amenities include power, water, bathrooms, and parking. There is no heating or air conditioning. Access is provided for pedestrians and vehicles through loading docks.

Temporary Use Requirements

Parties interested in using NYCEDC properties will need to meet certain time limit, insurance, and other requirements. Learn more about the requirements and process to acquire a permit.