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Industry Snapshot Profiles

New York City boasts one of the strongest and most diverse economies in the world. Take a look at the following industry profiles to learn about some of the key sectors that drive the city's powerhouse economy.


With an abundance of talented researchers, world-class universities and medical centers, and an enviable amount of federal research funding, New York City is a prime location for bioscience.

Bioscience Industry Snapshot 

Clean Tech & Energy

With a large, diverse consumer market, an immense talent pool, entrepreneurial-minded industry, and progressive sustainability policies, New York City is an ideal location for green companies to locate and grow.

Clean Tech & Energy Industry Snapshot 


As a dynamic, global economic hub, New York City is a premier location for international businesses looking to establish or expand their presence in the U.S. market.

International Industry Snapshot 

Higher Education

New York City’s thriving higher education sector fuels the city’s economy with jobs and talent while driving innovation and entrepreneurship in emerging industries. Unparalleled across the U.S. in size, scope, and quality, NYC higher education attracts top-notch students and faculty from around the world. NYC universities leverage their vast talent and institutional resources to support educational and economic development.

Higher Education Snapshot 

Media and Emerging Tech

New York City is a vibrant hub for media and technology. It is home to many established, global companies as well as a hotbed for entrepreneurs and startups. With several initiatives to help the sector grow and flourish, NYC is the place for media and technology.

Media and Emerging Tech Snapshot