Economic Research & Analysis

Impact Analyses

NYCEDC regularly assesses the economic impact of major New York City events and attractions, from one-time events like Christo and Jeanne-Claude's "The Gates" in Central Park, to recurring events like the semiannual New York Fashion Weeks. 

Fashion Tradeshows

Estimated Number of Visitors: 293,100

Direct Spending (2008)Total Impact (2008)
Operations Impact$100 M$154 M
Visitor Impact$2,248 M$3,938 M
Total$2,558 M$4,092 M

Fashion Weeks

Dates: February and September 2009
Estimated Number of Visitors: 293,100 

Direct Spending (2008)Total Impact (2008)
Operations Impact$10.1 M$14.6 M
Visitor Impact$466 M$773 M
Total$476.1 M$787.6  

NYC Marathon

Estimated Number of Visitors: 149,200
Description: Premier event of New York Road Runners. One of world’s longest road races. Marathon through the five boroughs of New York City. 

Direct Spending (2008)Total Impact (2008)
Operations Impact$11 M$8 M
Visitor Impact$122 M$202 M
Total$133 M$220 M

NYC Waterfalls

Dates: June 26 - October 13, 2008
Estimated Number of Visitors: 79,322
Description: Public art installation of four man-made waterfalls, ranging from 90 to 120 feet tall, along the East River waterfront at sites in Lower Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Governors Island 

Direct Spending (2008)Total Impact (2008)
Operations Impact$16 M$24 M
Visitor Impact$16 M$45 M
Total$42 M$69 M

The Gates, Central Park

Estimated Number of Visitors: 620,000
Description: Public art installation of 7,500 gates bearing saffron- colored cloth along 23 miles of paths in the park for 14 days 

Economic Output (2005)$254 M
Direct Spending (2005)$150 M

Wedding Impact

Total Economic Impact of marriage equality on the wedding industry in NYC is estimated to be $692 million.

Wedding Impact Analysis