Economic Research & Analysis

Economic Snapshot - Volume 3, 2019

Inside this Volume

Strong wage growth continued in February 2019
The value of local mergers and acquisitions was the highest since 2012
Residential construction boomed in Brooklyn and Queens
The Bronx led growth in the city's industrial market
Surging Broadway attendance continued into 2019


In this month's volume, we look at employment trends in the Arts, Entertainment, & Recreation industry, with a deep dive into the Spectator Sports subsector. We also report on corporate finance in the city, including measures of mergers and acquisitions and initial public offerings in the previous quarter. Download this month's Economic Snapshot to learn more.

If you're looking for our monthly podcast, we're taking a little break to plan for the future. We'll be rethinking content, strategy, and other little things that'll only improve future NYCEDC podcasts. Thanks in advance for your patience.