Planning, Development, and Transportation

Our Planning, Development, and Transportation division provides urban planning, site cleanup expertise, interagency effort coordination on area-wide initiatives, and maritime support.


The Planning department provides in-house consultation and project management for NYCEDC and its clients on zoning, environmental review, contaminated site cleanup, landmark issues, urban renewal, federal and state regulated wetland issues, and other planning topics.

The department prepares and reviews ULURP documents related to NYCEDC-sponsored or supported real estate transactions and initiatives; reviews CEQR/SEQR documents related to real estate transactions, initiatives, and permits; and handles SEQR reviews of the NYC Industrial Development Agency.


  • Supports the majority of NYCEDC's initiatives, often serving as the first milestone on initiatives that spin off multiple projects
  • Provides support for internal consultation at early stages of projects conceptualization (i.e., zoning, permitting, remediation)

Department Leadership

Robert Holbrook
SVP, Planning


The Development department coordinates NYCEDC's interdepartmental efforts and those of its public and private partners on comprehensive planning and related interdisciplinary initiatives that strengthen the city's central business districts and increase public access to the waterfront. Development identifies strategic locations for public involvement and/or investment, develops and facilitates appropriate planning and community outreach processes, creates use and development goals, and lays the groundwork for both short- and long-term project implementation. 


  • Lead multi-disciplinary intra- and interagency initiatives to implement near- and long-term development
  • Develop strategy to shape and lead substantive community outreach efforts to generate support for key projects

Department Leadership

Nate Bliss
SVP, Development

Cecilia Kushner
SVP, Development

Ports & Transportation

​The mission of the Ports & Transportation department is to provide industry-leading development plans for the key maritime assets owned and managed by the City. These assets include marine terminals, piers, freight rail and aviation facilities, heliports, and ferry terminals. Ports & Transportation is the leading provider of strategic planning for aviation and transportation policy initiatives that foster economic development in New York City.

The Ports & Transportation department:

  • Leads planning for the City’s passenger ferry system
  • Supports freight and marine-dependent industries in the city
  • Oversees the City’s lease of LGA and JFK airports
  • Guides waterfront strategy, planning, and permitting

Department Leadership

Andrew Genn
SVP, Ports & Transportation

PDT Project Support Team

The Project Support Team provides support to the Planning, Development, Transportation division for administrative, budget, and operational functions including comprehensive management of on-call contracts.  


  • Support divisional teams in navigating operational procedures to execute projects 
  • Promote divisional collaboration and improve efficiency across the division 

Department Leadership

Gillian Connell
Vice President