General Counsel

Learn more about the Legal Services and Records Management departments.

Legal Services

The Legal Department provides general representation to NYCEDC and its affiliates, and to New York City Industrial Development Agency and Build NYC Resource Corporation.  Attorneys in the Legal Department negotiate and draft contracts covering the transactions and programs of these companies, negotiate and draft contracts for the design, engineering and construction of NYCEDC’s capital projects, counsel as to applicable law, provide general corporate advice and assistance and manage the companies’ claims and litigations.

Requests for assistance from the Legal Department are best made through Project Central.


  • Contract negotiation 
  • Contract drafting
  • Advice as to applicable law
  • Corporate advice and assistance
  • Management of the companies’ claims and litigations

Department Leadership

Meredith Jones
General Counsel

Records Management

The Records Management Department is a service department within NYCEDC whose mission is to systematically and centrally manage the organization’s records throughout their lifecycle.

The Records Management Department indexes, maintains, preserves, retrieves and destroys NYCEDC’s records in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, while adhering to NYCEDC’s Records Retention Schedules and to all legal, regulatory and audit requirements.

Providing excellent customer service, following industry best practices and leveraging technology to support our mission is the rule and not the exception.


  • Management of both hard copy & electronic records.
  • Records indexing, tracking, search, and retrieval.
  • Records retention.
  • Records disposition.
  • Development of appropriate scanning procedures.
  • Development of metadata schemas and taxonomies for management of electronic records.
  • Off-site storage of hard copy records (by contract).
  • Provision of scanning services (by contract).

Department Leadership

Joy Ardizzone
VP, Records Management