Capital Program

Funding Agreements

NYCEDC’s Funding Agreements team administers City capital funds and helps organizations navigate the City capital process to initiate, enhance, and complete their projects.

Who We Help

Our team works primarily with NYC-based nonprofits using City capitals funds for renovation, new construction, and property acquisition—often for community and senior centers, job-training centers, and cultural institutions.

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The Funding Agreement Process

The information below provides a process overview from project intake to completion:

Who's Involved

  • Funding Recipient
    (coordination and monitoring)
  • City Agencies
    (approval and compliance)
  • Vendors
    (contractors hired to do the work)

Stage 1: Intake

  • Scope & Description
  • Financials & Budget
  • Contract Requirements

Stage 2: City Approvals

  • City Law
  • OMB
  • Comptroller

Stage 3: Project Implementation

  • Project Mobilization
  • Payment
  • Closeout

Capital Funding Resources

Contact the NYCEDC Funding Agreements team at [email protected]