Center For Economic Transformation

The Center for Economic Transformation (CET) at NYCEDC aims to develop the City’s major business sectors by implementing policy and programmatic initiatives that address current issues faced by each industry, create good jobs, and promote entrepreneurship and economic diversification across the five boroughs.

CET works hand in hand with industry leaders to address the needs of New York City’s businesses by analyzing current economic trends; developing strategies that resolve the challenges facing each sector; and implementing programs that help businesses thrive and grow.

Understanding the needs of the business community in the current economic climate in turn enables CET to work ahead of the curve in positioning the City as a leader in the burgeoning innovation economy.

Over the past year, CET has launched more than 60 initiatives designed to support entrepreneurship across all industries while helping legacy industries like media and fashion make the transition to 21st-century business models and capturing for the City a leadership role in "emerging industries" like bioscience, green services, and technology.