Employee Profiles

Priya Ananthanathan

“Both of my parents worked in nonprofits, so seeing the impact of their work inspired me to do what I do at NYCEDC today.”

It was fitting for Priya to start her job at NYCEDC on Canada Day 2013. A Toronto native with her family rooted in nonprofit work, she was able to celebrate both her country and her new nonprofit job on that humid July day.

Priya received her bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and went on to earn her Masters in Urban Policy from The New School in the heart of New York City. Armed with a working knowledge of public policy and a passion for her newfound city, NYCEDC was lucky enough to hire Priya after graduation, where she has been ever since.

As Senior Project Manager for Funding Agreements, she guides nonprofits applying for capital from the City for various development projects. When the City approves funding, Priya helps manage the project from the initial phases of construction to completion. She also led the creation and execution of the NYCEDC Capital Project Planning Workshop series, which has helped over 200 nonprofits learn more about how to prepare themselves to take on a capital project.   

Besides doing her part in building a better New York City, the most rewarding aspect of her job is working with her team. “They are awesome,” she says with a chuckle, “and I know I am never going to find a team as dedicated or as patient. We all try to have fun at our jobs.”

When she isn’t working, Priya can be found with the best of New York City’s foodies. “I come from a background of amazing cooks and a culture filled with unique kinds of curries and rice dishes. My dream is to be like Anthony Bourdain or Padma Lakshmi and travel the world eating.”

Before you set off on your culinary quest, Priya, your hunger for success at NYCEDC is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to many more years working with you!