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Max Taffet

Max Taffet

“My first job was working for a woman who imported antique furniture from China, and I would unload forty-foot shipping containers that were packed like the old Tetris videogame. The idea of the efficiency in waterborne shipments and transport fascinated me then and still does today.”

Growing up in beautiful Boulder, Colorado—though landlocked—Max spent a lot of time in the outdoors, which led to his fascination with wildlife, natural systems, and waterways. Lucky for him, he has made his fascination into a lifelong career.

Max made his way north to Vancouver, British Columbia, for college, earning his undergraduate degree in fine arts and political science. Max attended Cornell University for his masters in urban planning, which led him to a competitive internship with NYCEDC’s Ports and Transportation division.

Max fell in love with New York City the minute he landed. “The way people live here,” he says with excitement, “the pace, the energy, being surrounded by water – it’s the way I want to live!”

Max was hired full-time at NYCEDC as a project manager in the Ports and Transportation division in 2014 where he works with the recreational and industrial boating community as well as scientific and environmental resource groups that have an interest in the wetlands and the waterways that surround New York City.

Max explains that the most rewarding part of his job is being able to boast, “That’s our project!” whenever he’s with his family and friends in the city. To Max, these projects “are like my babies, how they evolve and grow is important to me.”

If he weren’t at NYCEDC, Max says that he would still like to be involved in the waterfront. “I think to myself, ‘man, why didn’t I go to SUNY Maritime College and get a captain’s license, or go into the Coast Guard, or maybe even become a scuba diving engineer?’”

From an early age, Max has had a fascination for all things nautical. We are proud to have that passion and dedication working with us in Ports and Transportation at NYCEDC. It’s a perfect match.