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Leslie Wong

Leslie Wong

“It’s really nice getting recognition for your work,” she says with a smile.

Leslie Wong wasn’t always the HR powerhouse she’s known as around the NYCEDC offices. As a matter of fact, the lifelong New Yorker’s first job was at her family’s small business, earning her allowance the old fashioned way. While Leslie is far from her childhood hustle of saving her allowance for a rainy day, she is helping her fellow employees save for retirement as a benefits specialist on our experienced and dedicated Human Resources team.

Being a natural saver and a great planner is only part of the job for Leslie. “Good written and verbal communication skills” are essential for presentations and employee training, she says, and you “also needs strong Excel skills, data analysis skills, and you have to be good at math because we’re always doing a lot of calculations.”

Helping her peers build the most efficient retirement plans is a rewarding endeavor. “It’s really nice getting recognition for your work,” she says with a smile, “I also get a lot of job satisfaction helping people with their retirement. That’s what does it for me at the end of the day.” But the rewards don’t mean much without the challenges she faces on the job. “Preparing and delivering multiple presentations on the same day at different times –,” she says, “that is something that takes a lot out of you.”

The Stony Brook University grad – “go Seawolves!” she laughs – is “blown away” by working for the organization that helped revitalize Yankee Stadium and worked on the development of the High Line, but there’s more to her than keeping us on track for our retirement. “I love to run and do yoga – but you know what I really like? Game of Thrones and Million Dollar Listing. Sometimes Netflix is the best way to relax.” We couldn’t agree more, Leslie – and after a long day at the office, you deserve it!