Employee Profiles

Angelo Gomes

Senior Office Aide, Administrative Services

Angelo has traveled a long way to get to NYC and NYCEDC. He was born in South Africa where he and his older brother were raised by his Aunt and Great Grandma. Growing up near the ocean, Angelo spent a lot of time at South Africa’s breathtaking volcanic beaches. He describes the sand as pitch black and the water at some beaches a deep blue and at others as a crystal clear shade of green.

Angelo’s mom came to the States when he was very young, stayed with relatives in Massachusetts, then moved to New Jersey, and finally to Brooklyn. She worked extremely hard and saved enough money to bring Angelo, then seven, and his brother to live with her in the States.

After high school, Angelo went straight to work, first in fast food, then in retail as a salesperson at The Children’s Place, a kid clothing store. He says that he learned a lot about working with a group and interacting with customers. Then, out of the blue, he got a phone call about an opening from a friend who was working at NYCEDC. Angelo interviewed and was hired as a part-time copy-room technician. In about a year he was promoted to fulltime and is now a senior office aide.

His background in retail relating to and dealing with customers comes in handy: a large part of what he does is make sure that everyone at NYCEDC has exactly what they need in their workspace.

Angelo says that the people here are “fantastic” and describes NYCEDC’s culture as think/do as opposed to do/think. Angelo has come a long way from South Africa, but every now and then he misses the black sand and green/blue beaches of South Africa. Still, Angelo is now proud to call himself a New Yorker and reports that “EDC has been great!”