Employee Profiles

NYCEDC is comprised of experts in everything from urban planning to real estate to marketing and public relations. Learn about our work and our culture from our greatest ambassadors, our team.

  • Edawn Burnett

    Executive Assistant, External Affairs
    Edawn took her first job at a retail store on Fifth Avenue. “It was an opportunity to work with customers, which helped me with my interpersonal skills.” Little did she know that it would propel her on a journey that would land her a job at the City’s primary engine for economic growth.
  • Stella Maniago

    Vice President, Financial Analysis, Leasing
    “I wanted to work in the public sector in a way that would leave a lasting impact on the community and the people it served," she says, "and NYCEDC gave me that opportunity."
  • Max Taffet

    Assistant Vice President, Ports and Transportation
    Growing up in beautiful Boulder, Colorado—though landlocked—Max spent a lot of time in the outdoors, which led to his fascination with wildlife, natural systems, and waterways. Lucky for him, he has made his fascination into a lifelong career.
  • Felix Ceballos

    Senior Project Manager, Transportation Group, Asset Management
    “The most rewarding thing about my job,” Felix says, “is being part of a new transportation system that is going to have a major impact on the entire city.”
  • Eric Bassig

    Project Manager
    Working his way up from copy room office aide to Project Manager for Administrative Services, Eric Bassig has the inspiring success story that any company in the world would want to have.
  • Leslie Wong

    Assistant Vice President, Human Resources
    While Leslie is far from her childhood hustle of saving her allowance for a rainy day, she is helping her fellow employees save for retirement as a benefits specialist on our experienced and dedicated Human Resources team.
  • Jason Garcia

    Creative Director, Marketing
    Learn more about Jason's journey from a Southern California art store to creative director of NYCEDC.
  • Danny Rodriguez

    Senior Tech Support, NYCEDC
    Ask Danny where he’s from, and his face lights up. “Brooklyn,” he says, with a delighted smile, “I’m very prideful of my borough.”
  • Dan Colangione

    Vice President, Capital Program
    As a kid, Dan played with cars and trucks in the dirt, which led to a lifelong affinity for engineering and infrastructure.
  • Mabel Bernstein

    Vice President, Real Estate Transaction Services
    Mabel likes the challenge and impact of being the point person on projects that will be a lasting part of New York City.