Employee Profiles

NYCEDC is comprised of experts in everything from urban planning to real estate to marketing and public relations. Learn about our work and our culture from our greatest ambassadors, our team.

  • Tiffany-Ann Taylor

    Senior Project Manager, Ports and Transportation
    “I wanted to work in a place in New York City that would allow me to have a positive impact on people from a variety of neighborhoods.”
  • Eleni Bourinaris

    Assistant Vice President, Government and Community Relations
    “Economic development touches on every aspect of a person’s quality of life. NYCEDC is the place where I felt I could be most empowered to work on projects that deliver tangible benefits to the lives of New Yorkers.”
  • Tenzing Chadotsang

    Vice President, Funding Agreements
    “The most challenging part of my job remains the debate between the head and the heart: striking a balance between being helpful and enabling low-capacity groups.”
  • Priya Ananthanathan

    Senior Project Manager, Funding Agreements
    “Both of my parents worked in nonprofits, so seeing the impact of their work inspired me to do what I do at NYCEDC today.”
  • Alexandra "Lex" Blissett

    Deputy Chief of Staff
    "Every day is like an urbanist anatomy lab. Being privy to the full range of NYCEDC’s work and trying to figure out not only how those pieces fit together organizationally but how NYCEDC fits within the City organism… there’s never a dull moment."