NYC-Paris Business Exchange



By Amir Beshay, Project Manager, International Desk, Center for Economic Transformation

Paris is famous for being one of the world's top destinations for cuisine, art, and culture.

As the home of the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, and over 75 Michelin Star restaurants, the City of Lights certainly ranks near the top of destination-worthy spots.

In addition to its beauty, Paris also touts a vibrant economy, a growing tech ecosystem, and an entrepreneurial community that is among the best in Europe and the world.

For all these reasons and more (which you can read about

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Thinking Ahead: How Reducing Energy In Buildings Is Good For The Environment And Your Wallet


nyc real estate tech week 2015

This post is part of NYCEDC’s Thinking Ahead series, which features editorials from New York City leaders and influencers across key sectors and neighborhoods to foster dialogue around the issues impacting our city. 

Zach Aarons is co-founder and advisor of MetaProp NYC, a real estate technology accelerator that brings together the brightest minds in real estate and technology to help quickly build our industry’s most promising young companies. 

This week, NYCEDC has partnered with MetaProp NYC...

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Thinking Ahead

Rising to the Challenge: Go Electric


Go Electric has developed a system of round-the-clock power supply monitoring to eliminate surprise power interruptions.

Superstorm Sandy highlighted the vulnerability of New York City’s energy infrastructure, leaving millions without power and bringing the city to a grinding halt.

Without power, small businesses suffered greatly: servers went down, refrigeration systems turned off, and fuel station pumps were rendered useless. In the aftermath, it became clear that in order to increase energy resilience, small businesses needed to decrease their reliance on the grid.

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RISE NYC, Resiliency

Envisioning The Future Together With NYC Communities


inwood nyc future

No matter what neighborhood you live in, we are in your community, listening to your voice.

Over the past few weeks, NYCEDC has been spending more time on the ground, speaking directly to communities to develop new neighborhood strategies.

Engaging with local residents is critical to the way we plan and implement future projects. After all, New Yorkers know best what their neighborhoods need. That’s why we’re getting input on priorities from the people who actually live, work, and play in neighborhoods all across the city.

This bottom-up approach to...

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Spotlight on 2015 NYC GenTech Winners: RIME


2015 gentech group

Challenging. Eye-opening. Life-changing.

These are the words high-schoolers use to describe NYC GenTech, a tech-entrepreneurship summer program for students in lower-income communities across all five boroughs. GenTech provides hands-on learning experiences and mentorship opportunities for NYC’s budding entrepreneurs.

On September 17th, NYC GenTech finished off its 4th year with a standing-room only Demo Night.

Three finalist teams pitched their mobile apps and socially-minded...

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Get Wacky At The 2015 World Maker Faire


world maker faire 2014

It's an exciting week for anyone interested in learning to fix and create things in New York City. Maker Faire is here!

Maker Faire is the week that hackers, designers, roboticists, wearable fashionistas, programmers, creators, burners, forever learners, and the endlessly curious wait for all year long.

This weekend, World Maker Faire will make its presence known at the New York Hall of Science to showcase some of the most interesting, wacky, creative inventions around.

Visit New York's Next Top Makers Booth 

On Saturday, September 26th and Sunday,...

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Next Top Maker

3 Ways To Build an Inclusive, Equitable Model of Economic Opportunity


nyc fog stock

By Alysa Hannon, Senior Project Manager, Center for Economic Transformation's Social Capital Desk

How do cities build a new urban practice?

On September 16, NYCEDC staff gathered for a discussion on this very question as part of our Policy to Practice Speaker Series featuring Ben Hecht, President and CEO of Living Cities. The event was organized by NYCEDC's Social Capital Desk and Chief Diversity and Innovation Officer Valerie Kennedy.

Hecht shared insights on innovative urban practices across the U.S. that are...

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Social Capital

Get Matched With Pilot Health Tech


pilot health

Pilot Health Tech NYC 2015 Has Launched!

NYCEDC, in partnership with Health 2.0 and Blueprint Health, is proud to announce today’s kickoff of Pilot Health Tech NYC 2015.

Pilot Health Tech NYC is a pioneering innovation initiative: a unique marketplace for digital health technologies, connecting buyers and sellers through curated matchmaking, technical assistance, and competitive commercialization awards.

Since launching in 2013, the Pilot Health Tech NYC program has successfully stimulated the growth...

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Inside House of Juice's New Brooklyn Storefront


garden to cup

Without a doubt, the new juicery and brewery in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, House of Juice, is a "Made in Brooklyn" business.

Equipped with a "Garden to Cup" ethos, House of Juice's organic ingredients come from gardens in Brooklyn (including one in its own backyard!). House of Juice also serves its own freshly-brewed alcohol ciders, making it both a juicery and brewery—evoking the local spirit of Brooklyn in every sense.

House of Juice got its start as one of the inaugural group of small businesses offered affordable rent space at the...

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Rising to the Challenge: goTenna


Superstorm Sandy knocked out wireless cell towers in its path, leaving millions unable to communicate when they needed to most.

Realizing the need for off-grid communication, particularly in the case of a natural disaster, siblings Daniela and Jorge Perdomo developed goTenna, a small communications device that pairs wirelessly with a smartphone using Bluetooth Low-Energy. 

Consisting of an antenna, rechargeable Lithium-polymer battery, micro-USB connector, and a flash memory that can store hundreds of messages, goTenna devices are able to generate...

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