WNYC Transmitter Park Opens


The Greenpoint waterfront in Brooklyn is getting a little greener with the opening of WNYC Transmitter Park on the banks of the East River following a $12 million redevelopment project. Located on the site of the former WNYC radio transmission towers, the new park includes an esplanade and more than 1.5 acres of open space, providing residents and visitors with increased access to the Greenpoint waterfront. A pedestrian bridge was built across an excavated historic ferry slip and restored as a wetland accessible to visitors. The center of the park includes a large, open lawn with a separate children’s play area featuring a nautical theme to reflect the site’s context. It also includes a...

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A River of Change in the South Bronx


Throughout the history of New York City, the area rivers have been a keystone of industry and shipping, sometimes at the expense of the waterfronts themselves. Amid countless improvement projects in the city in recent years, some waterfront areas have begun to see a quiet renaissance. One such area that’s starting to see a dramatic transformation sits along the South Bronx River on the Hunts Point Peninsula. A patchwork of green is sprouting up in this area of the Bronx as parks come to fruition and the waterfront is revitalized. 

This greenway, which was decades in the making and has future plans still ahead, has become an unexpected haven where nature and industry have started to coexist rather than compete. Teens gather along the shore for boating excursions while families...

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