Envisioning The Future Together With NYC Communities


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No matter what neighborhood you live in, we are in your community, listening to your voice.

Over the past few weeks, NYCEDC has been spending more time on the ground, speaking directly to communities to develop new neighborhood strategies.

Engaging with local residents is critical to the way we plan and implement future projects. After all, New Yorkers know best what their neighborhoods need. That’s why we’re getting input on priorities from the people who actually live, work, and play in neighborhoods all across the city.

This bottom-up approach to...

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Inside a FRESH Supermarket: Super Fi Emporium


super fi emporium

Do you live in a FRESH neighborhood?

The FRESH program, which stands for Food Retail Expansion to Support Health, was created in 2009 to provide nutritious, affordable, fresh food options to underserved communities. Zoning and financial incentives are available to eligible grocery store operators and developers as a way to encourage neighborhood grocery stores to renovate existing retail space in communities needing more healthy food options.

Since launching, a total of 20 FRESH projects...

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Transforming Water Street's POPS



By Patrick Hess, Assistant Vice President at NYCEDC

For years, Lower Manhattan was known as the world’s premier financial and innovation district.

But after 9/11 and the 2008 recession, some of the neighborhood’s commercial energy began to drain away.

With over 19 million square feet of office space, 100,000 employees, and a growing residential population, Water Street is a key commercial...

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The Rebirth of Lower Manhattan


freedom by trista sordillo

Yesterday, hundreds of employees of global media behemoth Condé Nast went to work at the company’s new headquarters in One World Trade Center.

Hundreds of years ago, when New York was still New Amsterdam, vendors from across the seas gathered under a cherry tree near the southern tip of Manhattan to swap goods. Since then, Wall Street and most of downtown Manhattan has been known as the world’s financial and innovation district, leading the globe’s trade in stocks, bonds, technologies, and other innovations.

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Staten Island Storefronts: Race For Space!


This summer, NYCEDC launched the Staten Island Storefronts competition to encourage promising eligible businesses to open their doors in Downtown Staten Island.

We are pleased to formally announce the winners, who will receive cash prizes ranging from $25,000 to $75,000, totaling a $425,000 prize pool. All but one of the winning businesses are owned and operated by a Staten Island resident. These winning businesses anticipate hiring 34 full-time and 83 part-time employees.

The winners are:

Verrazano Crossfit
Prize: $25,000.  

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Staten Island

Activating Staten Island's Beachfront


What’s your vision for the East and South Shores of Staten Island?

NYCEDC is looking for proposals that include amenities, events, development, open space improvements, services, and designs to better activate the public beachfronts, parks, open spaces, trails, and historic buildings of Staten Island's East and South Shores. Ideas that can be implemented by early summer 2014 are strongly encouraged, as well as concepts focused on a more long-term or comprehensive vision.

Our goal for the Staten Island Beachfront is:

  • To leverage existing assets and generate new uses that will appeal to locals and visitors and stimulate...
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Staten Island

Take the H.E.L.M. 2.0 Winners


take the helm finalists

Last night's second annual Take the H.E.L.M.: Hire + Expand in Lower Manhattan awards ceremony at Goldman Sachs headquarters celebrated the resilience of Lower Manhattan, which has witnessed incredible growth since 9/11. 

The Take the H.E.L.M. competition seeks to bring startups, as well as creative and technology companies from around the world, across the country, and throughout New York City to Lower Manhattan in order to encourage growth and diversify the area’s economy. With over 600 tech companies now based in...

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Lower Manhattan

New Incubators Are Creating Communities of Entrepreneurs


harlem garage

New York City's network of incubators is growing.

On Monday, NYCEDC opened HarlemGarage, a 6000-square foot incubator that has room for up to 150 freelancers, start-ups, small businesses, and non-profit organizations.

"We've learned that innovation thrives on collaboration and productivity," said David Rotbard, co-founder of MicroOffice, which operates the HarlemGarage. 

harlem garage

Collaboration will take...

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Harlem, Jamaica

Lower Manhattan's Transformation


lower manhattan blog

Nine Ways Lower Manhattan Has Evolved In The Past Decade

There is no denying that New York City has experienced considerable change in the past decade. Arguably, some of the biggest changes have taken place below Chambers Street in Lower Manhattan.

Once mainly known as the center of the City’s financial services industry, this area has more recently transformed into a vibrant residential area that more than 60,000 people now call home.

A Wider Range of Industries

  1. More overall businesses: Since 2006, the total number of Lower Manhattan firms...
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Hudson Yards Welcomes the Fashion Label Coach


Mayor Bloomberg announced today that Coach will be the first anchor tenant of Hudson Yards, the City's historic development project on Manhattan's West Side. Coach will take over 600,000 sq ft, more than one-third of the available commercial space at the initial tower of the Eastern Rail Yards site; together with the completion of the #7 subway line extension and the new Hudson Boulevard Park, this will kick-start the development of the...

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Hudson Yards



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