Every Week is Shark Week at the New York Aquarium


Shark Week comes only once a  year, but Coney Island now offers sharks-on-demand all year long.

The annual overdose has started—for the purists, there’s prime-time programming every night on Discovery. For the cross-over fans, there’s Shark Tank Meets Shark Week. For the shopper, there are shark-themed chip bowls, leggings, and pool toys. But if you prefer your sharks a little more up-close and personal, your particular fix is right at the New York Aquarium in Coney Island.

The aquarium’s new exhibit—Ocean Wonders:...

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LifeSci NYC Internship Boot Camp


The LifeSci NYC Internship Program held its pre-internship “boot camp”— a four-day intensive training program—right after Memorial Day. The program was held at CUSP, NYU’s Center for Urban Science and Progress, located on NYU Tandon School of Engineering’s campus in Brooklyn. 

A stellar roster of guest speakers presented the modules on professional and career development for the 65 students. Subjects studied included:

  • What Does Health and Health Care Mean? Industry Overview and Trends
  • Beating Burnout and Tackling Impostor Phenomenon
  • Intrapreneurship—Being a Changemaker from Within
  • From the Bench to the Boardroom...
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Why Hot Dogs? Plus Independence Day by the Numbers


Hot dogs are originally a German food, so why do we relish them so on this most American of American holidays?

First, some hot dog history
A pre-cursor to the modern day hot dog seems to date as far back as the 9th century BCE, with mention in Homer’s Odyssey. Then in the 1600s, the German “Dachshund Sausage” (not actual dog!) was invented and eventually took on the name “Frankfurter” when its inventing butcher travelled to Frankfurt to market his new product.  The term “hot dog” itself, is American, dating...

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Economic Data

Digital Health Spotlight: How Citus Health is Transforming Care for Patients at Home


The Digital Health Breakthrough Network (DHBN) is currently seeking its fourth class of startups, just as an alumnus of the program is reaching new and exciting milestones.

The Digital Health Breakthrough Network, a partnership between HITLAB and NYCEDC, provides promising startups in New York City with early pilot studies planned and executed by a team of experts in research and participatory design. Driven by a commitment to innovation, job growth, and business development, DHBN...

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Health Tech

Captain’s Log: A Look Back at NYC Ferry’s First Year of Service


As the spring season sails ahead and as the summer nears, we have a lot to celebrate – including a very successful inaugural year for NYC Ferry!

Launched on May 1st of last year, the system currently operates across four routes -- East River, Astoria, South Brooklyn and Rockaway. The ferries have been a big hit, shortening commute times for millions of New Yorkers, giving them more time to be with family and friends, and the chance to get to know other neighborhoods they might not otherwise visit.

The popularity of NYC Ferry and ridership demand has far exceeded initial...

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NYC Ferry

If I’d Only Known: 3 Tips for Success in the Workplace


NYCEDC is highlighting the wisdom of three of its own.

We asked Nicole Ackerina, Nikita Sharma, and Tiffany-Ann Taylor what advice they wished they’d received when they were first starting out in the workplace. The women, all members of the organization’s Women’s Leadership Group, quickly agreed on some themes.

Always Ask

Nikita Sharma, a project manager for NYCEDC’s Capital program, remembers how much she wanted to appear familiar with her field of work when she first started out. She’d nod along in meetings before going back to...

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Coney Island Opens for the Season


Forget that spring just blew in with a nor’easter or that Memorial Day is still two months off. The only season that matters is starting this Sunday in the south of Brooklyn: summer in Coney Island.

For more than 60 years, Palm Sunday has marked the official opening of Coney Island’s amusements. This year on Sunday, March 25, opening day will celebrate the glory and history of Coney Island with a full lineup of events, including the annual Blessing of the Rides at Deno’s Wonder Wheel Park, the Egg Cream Christening of the Cyclone’s first car (with free egg cream samples), and free rides on the Cyclone and Wonder Wheel themselves.


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Coney Island

You’re Speaking My Language: Making Connections in Inwood


NYCEDC’s success hinges on connecting with the neighborhoods we serve. That’s why the Government and Community Relations team has made community engagement a priority. We want Inwood residents—and residents throughout the City—to understand the various resources made available through the City of New York.

So, in Inwood, where a majority of the community speaks Spanish, we needed to think of new, more inclusive ways to share information. With this in mind, we partnered with Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez to host a Spanish-language resource fair in Inwood in January, 2018.  

The fair was a huge success, with more than...

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NYCEDC Takes to the Road For Nonprofit Planning Workshops


This fall, NYCEDC’s Funding Agreements team took to the road for a five-borough tour of their Nonprofit Capital Project Planning Workshops, a series of one-day workshops to help nonprofits navigate both construction and funding processes, as well as provide information on the City’s capital discretionary process. 

Attended by representatives from nearly 100 nonprofits, the workshops covered the critical processes that lead to successful capital construction projects, including: strategic board and fundraising engagement, financial planning before, during, and after construction, construction supervision and management, and an...

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Meet Namisha, an IN2NYC Success Story


IN2NYC applications are open until November 14, 2017.

Today marks the opening of the third application period for the International Innovators Initiative (IN2NYC), a City-led program that helps international entrepreneurs expand or relocate their businesses to New York City by facilitating collaborative partnerships that qualify them to apply for cap-exempt H-1B visas.

Meet one of IN2NYC’s first H1-B recipients, Namisha Bahl, the Vice President of Marketing and Partnerships at Mogul, an award-winning online platform that connects women worldwide, enabling them to share information and access knowledge from...

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