Which Countries’ Entrepreneurs Will Dominate the Second IN2NYC Application Round?


Today marks the opening of the second application period for the International Innovators Initiative, or IN2NYC Program, which helps international entrepreneurs expand or relocate their businesses to New York City by facilitating collaborative partnerships that qualify entrepreneurs to apply for cap-exempt H-1B visas. Prospective participants can submit an application for the program online through the IN2NYC website from now until May 3, 2017.

During its inaugural application period, the IN2NYC Program received 144 applications from...

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Pass the Caviar, Casanova: How Much Do New Yorkers Really Spend on Valentine’s Day?


Twenty-sixteen was the hottest year on record – and we don’t just mean the climate!

Valentine’s Day spending was the highest ever last year, but the National Retail Federation (NRF) [1] expects spending to ease a bit in 2017. The NRF survey projects that Americans will spend about $18.2 billion on the holiday this year compared with $19.7 billion last year. For sweethearts across the country, this constitutes an average spending of $136.57 per person; however, spending rises to ...

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Economic Data

From Yvonne Stennett: The Future of Inwood Relies on Us


Dear Neighbor,

As the Executive Director of the Community League of the Heights (CLOTH), a community development organization dedicated to supporting and empowering all residents in Inwood and Washington Heights, I actively work on addressing an array of community needs, from finding affordable housing to getting better education, from providing health and youth services to revitalizing our neighborhood. CLOTH’s simple philosophy is that our doors are always open to neighbors in need and Inwood is one of our core areas of focus.

Inwood is a hidden treasure, with amazing parks and cultural assets, as well as many existing affordable rental units. Over the years, CLOTH...

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April Economic Snapshot: Biodiversity in NYC


A closer look at New York City’s biodiversity.

Coyotes in Inwood Park, beavers in the East River, and a Painted Bunting in Brooklyn…in our concrete jungle, it can be easy to think that nature exists somewhere else, but the city’s five boroughs are home to an extraordinary number of habitats and species. In honor of Earth Day, our monthly snapshot takes a closer look at New York City’s biodiversity.

New York City sits at the mouth of the Hudson River, where it empties into the Atlantic Ocean. Freshwater, saltwater, wetlands, and woodlands all make up parts of the cities ecosystem, but plants and animals have also found interesting ways to adapt to...

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Crowd Based Capitalism – Thinking Ahead with Prof. Arun Sundararajan


By Maria Surilas, Research Assistant, Economic Research and Analysis

Airbnb, Uber, TaskRabbit and Lyft. These companies are just a few examples of what has been called the “sharing economy.” On Friday, February 26th, as part of its Thinking Ahead speaker series, NYCEDC hosted Prof. Arun Sundararajan of the Stern School at NYU to discuss the evolution and impact of the sharing economy. An authority on what he calls the “Crowd Based Capitalism”, the title of a forthcoming book, Prof. Sundararajan has advised the National Economic Council, the Federal Reserve Bank, the White House, and the Federal Trade Commission on the explosion of...

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Meet NYCEDC's Urban Assembly Interns


viany and theo

Hi, our names are Viany Mejia and Theodore Perry.

We attend the Urban Assembly School for Global Commerce in East Harlem and have had the opportunity to intern with NYCEDC's Ports and Transportation department this summer. It's been a busy one!

As part of our internship at NYCEDC, we participated in the APA’s Youth In Planning Program. During the weeklong program, we worked on an urban planning project at La Marqueta, a NYCEDC...

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Maria Torres-Springer Takes The Helm As NYCEDC President



We are thrilled to welcome Maria Torres-Springer back to NYCEDC!

After being appointed President and CEO last month, Maria Torres-Springer steps into her new role at NYCEDC today.

Maria comes to NYCEDC from her post as Commissioner of the City’s Department of Small Business Services, where she focused the agency’s work around three key pillars: creating good jobs, stronger businesses, and a fairer economy.

From overseeing first-of-its kind...

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Imagine Your #FutureNYC



What's Your #FutureNYC Vision?

That’s the question we posed to attendees at last Thursday’s launch of the sixth annual BigApps competition, NYC’s premier civic tech initiative and the largest civic innovation competition in the country.

futurenyc action

BigApps challenges New Yorkers to build tools that help solve our city’s most...

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Let's Talk Data: I Quant NY's Ben Wellington Speaks At NYCEDC


By Devin Gould, Budget Analyst, Guest Blogger, and NYCEDC Social Media Advisory Council Member

Improv, urban planning, and quantitative analysis are not usually used in the same sentence. 

But for I Quant NY’s Ben Wellington it is the perfect cocktail to help planners make NYC a better place to live.

On June 3rd, Ben Wellington—a visiting assistant professor at the Pratt Institute and the vision behind the NYC open data blog, I Quant NY—came to NYCEDC's offices...

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NYCEDC and Untapped Cities Go Behind the Scenes of NYC's Most Prized Assets


Untapped Cities

Rediscover NYC.

NYCEDC, in partnership with the popular urban discovery blog, Untapped Cities, is thrilled to announce a new Behind the Scenes NYC Tour Series that will shine a light on some of our most exciting development projects.

Over the next several months, a monthly tour will give New Yorkers a unique, behind-the-scenes look at projects such as...

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