A Day In the Life of a LifeSci NYC Intern: Brad Langhoff


For the third in a series of posts from participants in this summer's LifeSci NYC Internship Program, we hear from Brad Langhoff, who spent the summer at AXON, a company that simplifies complex information to improve outcomes in health care.

Simplifying Complex Communications—My LifeSci NYC Internship with AXON

by Brad Langhoff

I’m originally from a very small town in Connecticut. Recently, I decided to swap out the quiet, wooded setting of the suburbs of East Granby for the bustling streets of New York by attending Fordham University and diving head first into a...

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On the Sunnyside Yard, Part 2: Master Planning 101


As the City of New York and Amtrak embark on a master planning process to explore the future of Sunnyside Yard in Western Queens, the On the Sunnyside Yard blog series takes a deep dive into what master planning is.

Cities across the globe are experiencing unprecedented population growth, and NYC is no exception. As more people move to already densely populated areas of the city, neighborhoods face complex challenges around housing, jobs, infrastructure, and quality of life. Creating a master plan is a primary method cities use to coordinate between public agencies, community advocates, elected officials, and other...

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Sunnyside Yard

A Day In the Life of a LifeSci NYC Intern: Husain Sodawalla


For the second in a series of posts from participants in this summer's LifeSci NYC Internship Program, we hear from Husain Sodawalla, who spent the summer at a nonprofit that supports biotech startups.

How I Incubated My Career with an Internship: The KiiLN Experience

by Husain Sodawalla

What is a person if not an aggregate of their experiences? I have had the joy and good fortune of learning at the feet of giants. My parents gave me my love for pharma, my teachers imbued me with scientific temper, and my alma mater in Udaipur, India gave me the tools to conduct research and contribute to science....

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A High School Intern’s Experience at NYCEDC


This summer, New York City Economic Development Corporation invited select high school students to intern with the organization. Raymond Bell, a senior at Ralph R. McKee High School, interned with NYCEDC’s Development team, which is currently working on a master planning process exploring the future of Sunnyside Yard. In the below, Raymond shares some of his experiences as an NYCEDC intern.

A High Schooler at NYCEDC?

by: Raymond Bell

Being a 16-year-old high school junior isn’t the easiest thing, especially when you...

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A Day In the Life of a LifeSci NYC Intern: Aminoor Rashid


Lucerna Inc. staff and internsAminoor Rashid (second from right) with colleagues at Lucerna, Inc.

For the first in a series of posts from participants in this summer's LifeSci NYC Internship Program, we hear from Aminoor Rashid, who spent the summer at Lucerna, Inc., an R&D company working to create tools to visualize and study RNA. 

From Science Fiction to Reality: A Day In the Life of a LifeSci NYC Intern
by Aminoor Rashid

As the only child of working...

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Life Sciences

Every Week is Shark Week at the New York Aquarium


Shark Week comes only once a  year, but Coney Island now offers sharks-on-demand all year long.

The annual overdose has started—for the purists, there’s prime-time programming every night on Discovery. For the cross-over fans, there’s Shark Tank Meets Shark Week. For the shopper, there are shark-themed chip bowls, leggings, and pool toys. But if you prefer your sharks a little more up-close and personal, your particular fix is right at the New York Aquarium in Coney Island.

The aquarium’s new exhibit—Ocean Wonders:...

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LifeSci NYC Internship Boot Camp


The LifeSci NYC Internship Program held its pre-internship “boot camp”— a four-day intensive training program—right after Memorial Day. The program was held at CUSP, NYU’s Center for Urban Science and Progress, located on NYU Tandon School of Engineering’s campus in Brooklyn. 

A stellar roster of guest speakers presented the modules on professional and career development for the 65 students. Subjects studied included:

  • What Does Health and Health Care Mean? Industry Overview and Trends
  • Beating Burnout and Tackling Impostor Phenomenon
  • Intrapreneurship—Being a Changemaker from Within
  • From the Bench to the Boardroom...
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Life Sciences

Why Hot Dogs? Plus Independence Day by the Numbers


Hot dogs are originally a German food, so why do we relish them so on this most American of American holidays?

First, some hot dog history
A pre-cursor to the modern day hot dog seems to date as far back as the 9th century BCE, with mention in Homer’s Odyssey. Then in the 1600s, the German “Dachshund Sausage” (not actual dog!) was invented and eventually took on the name “Frankfurter” when its inventing butcher travelled to Frankfurt to market his new product.  The term “hot dog” itself, is American, dating...

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Economic Data

Digital Health Spotlight: How Citus Health is Transforming Care for Patients at Home


The Digital Health Breakthrough Network (DHBN) is currently seeking its fourth class of startups, just as an alumnus of the program is reaching new and exciting milestones.

The Digital Health Breakthrough Network, a partnership between HITLAB and NYCEDC, provides promising startups in New York City with early pilot studies planned and executed by a team of experts in research and participatory design. Driven by a commitment to innovation, job growth, and business development, DHBN...

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Health Tech

Captain’s Log: A Look Back at NYC Ferry’s First Year of Service


As the spring season sails ahead and as the summer nears, we have a lot to celebrate – including a very successful inaugural year for NYC Ferry!

Launched on May 1st of last year, the system currently operates across four routes -- East River, Astoria, South Brooklyn and Rockaway. The ferries have been a big hit, shortening commute times for millions of New Yorkers, giving them more time to be with family and friends, and the chance to get to know other neighborhoods they might not otherwise visit.

The popularity of NYC Ferry and ridership demand has far exceeded initial...

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NYC Ferry



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