December Economic Snapshot: Air Cargo in New York City



By Kristina Pecorelli, Senior Project Manager, Economic Research and Analysis 

While many will associate John F. Kennedy International Airport with heightened passenger travel this month, the holiday season is also the airport’s busiest time of the year for freight and mail shipments.

In the December Economic Snapshot, we explore the world’s largest international air cargo hub by freight value. JFK International Airport handled more than 1.3 million tons of cargo worth nearly $2 billion in 2013. Though still number one in the world in terms of value, JFK fell four spots in the national...

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Venture Capital in New York, Q3 2014


q3 tech trends

By Kyle Marks, Economics Research and Analysis Project Manager

The latest quarterly figures from CB Insights and PricewaterhouseCoopers are in, and they indicate continued growth of venture capital funding in New York.

Our Q3 Tech Trends and Insights report reveals that the third quarter of 2014 saw the largest amount of VC funding in New York since Q3 2000. New York’s deals fell 9% from Q2 2014, while...

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September Economic Snapshot: Measuring Recycling Awareness


recycle blog

Can 311 calls serve as a big data proxy for climate awareness?

If the data is any indication, then it seems like New Yorkers are becoming more aware and concerned about the ecological impact we each have on our environment. In turn, the City has responded with recycling and composting programs such as Composting Days and Recycling Education Centers. So far this year, the Department of Sanitation has collected 579 million pounds of recyclables so far in 2014. 

Just in time for the UN Climate Summit, our

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August Economic Snapshot: Employment and Establishment Growth by Borough


New York City has seen solid job and establishment growth across all five boroughs in the last decade. 

Manhattan is still home to the greatest share of the city's total jobs. But with significant growth outside of Manhattan, particularly in Brooklyn, the other four boroughs combined now hold a slim majority of City establishments (51%).

Our August Economic Snapshot examines the industries driving employment and establishment growth in NYC. As seen below, Accommodation and Food Services, Retail Trade, and Health Care and Social Assistance sectors are strong employment drivers...

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July Economic Snapshot: Industry Employment and Establishment Growth


accommodation and food

Which industry had the largest year-over-year employment growth in New York City? 

New Yorkers certainly have no lack of eating options. The accommodation and food services sector saw a nearly 6% jump in job growth in the past year, more than any other sector.

Our July Economic Snapshot examines the industries driving employment and establishment growth in NYC. From 2012 to 2013, 11 of the 18 major industry groups...

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June Economic Snapshot: Wages of Men and Women in NYC


June Snapshot Stock

How do earnings for women compare to earnings for men in NYC? 

Our June Economic Snapshot reveals that in 2012, wages between genders in NYC were more equal in New York City than in the United States as a whole. NYC's full-time female workers earned 92% of the median earnings of male workers, compared to 78.3% in the United States as a whole.

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Economic Data

Memorials in NYC


911 memorial

by Kevin McCaffrey, Project Manager, Economic and Research Analysis 

This past week, New York City observed Memorial Day with the rest of the nation. Here's a roundup of information on war memorials and veterans in the City.

War Memorials in NYC

New York City has approximately 250 war memorials in its parks and in other spaces managed by the Parks Department. Built between 1818 and 2007, these monuments memorialize conflicts from the Revolutionary War to the Vietnam War. The following map shows the location of all of the city's memorials. More information on memorials in New York City is available at the Parks...

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May Economic Snapshot: Consumer Expenditures


How much are New Yorkers spending each year?

$58,658, on average, according to the Consumer Expenditure Survey from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This is 6.2% higher than households in the Northeast and 14% higher for the United States as a whole.

Our May Economic Snapshot reveals where New Yorkers are spending the most money and how we compare to other metro areas. Some of the findings may surprise you. 

may econ snapshot chart 2


  • Housing: In the past decade, housing's share...
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Q1 2014 Venture Capital Data Preview


tech trends and insights

By Andrea Moore, Senior Project Manager, Economic Research and Analysis

The first quarter of 2014 was New York State’s best first quarter for venture capital since 2001, according to newly released data. New York’s deals and dollars were down slightly from the record-breaking Q4 2013, which was New York’s best overall quarter since 2000, but the first quarter of the year often shows a dip. New York finished second behind California in number of deals and third behind California and Massachusetts in overall dollars invested in the quarter.

               Venture Capital Trends in New...

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Astoria: An International Culinary Destination


By Kristina Pecorelli, Economics Research and Analysis Project Manager

This week, NYCEDC released the latest Neighborhood Trends & Insights report that explores the evolving neighborhood of Astoria, Queens. 

Astoria, a neighborhood in northwest Queens, is home to a wide array of residents from all over the world. In 2009, National Geographic’s ...

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