Rising to the Challenge: NYC Daylighting Inc.


By Nicole Spina and Kokei Otosi, Urban Innovation & Sustainability, Center for Economic Transformation

Solatube Daylighting Systems create a more resilient New York by bringing daylight indoors. 

When Superstorm Sandy hit in 2012, Rockaway residents and business owners Mike and Susan Shea were firsthand witnesses to the devastation. While they worked to repair their home and family business, the dire situation highlighted an opportunity for the Sheas to strengthen the resiliency of their own community by decreasing its reliance on the power grid.

The Sheas are long-time owners of Rockaway-based NYC Daylighting, a...

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Rising to the Challenge: New America


new america

New America has a vision: to promote vibrant and resilient communities through equitable access to broadband.

In 2012, just months before Sandy, New America - a Washington DC-based public policy think tank and civic enterprise - worked closely with a local community group, Red Hook Initiative, to pilot a mesh network in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Accompanying this was a digital skills training program for local residents called “Digital Stewards.”

The pilot was intended to provide essential services in a community with lower broadband adoption rates than...

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Rising to the Challenge: Go Electric


Go Electric has developed a system of round-the-clock power supply monitoring to eliminate surprise power interruptions.

Superstorm Sandy highlighted the vulnerability of New York City’s energy infrastructure, leaving millions without power and bringing the city to a grinding halt.

Without power, small businesses suffered greatly: servers went down, refrigeration systems turned off, and fuel station pumps were rendered useless. In the aftermath, it became clear that in order to increase energy resilience, small businesses needed to decrease their reliance on the grid.

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RISE NYC, Resiliency

3 Ways To Build an Inclusive, Equitable Model of Economic Opportunity


nyc fog stock

By Alysa Hannon, Senior Project Manager, Center for Economic Transformation's Social Capital Desk

How do cities build a new urban practice?

On September 16, NYCEDC staff gathered for a discussion on this very question as part of our Policy to Practice Speaker Series featuring Ben Hecht, President and CEO of Living Cities. The event was organized by NYCEDC's Social Capital Desk and Chief Diversity and Innovation Officer Valerie Kennedy.

Hecht shared insights on innovative urban practices across the U.S. that are...

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Social Capital

Get Matched With Pilot Health Tech


pilot health

Pilot Health Tech NYC 2015 Has Launched!

NYCEDC, in partnership with Health 2.0 and Blueprint Health, is proud to announce today’s kickoff of Pilot Health Tech NYC 2015.

Pilot Health Tech NYC is a pioneering innovation initiative: a unique marketplace for digital health technologies, connecting buyers and sellers through curated matchmaking, technical assistance, and competitive commercialization awards.

Since launching in 2013, the Pilot Health Tech NYC program has successfully stimulated the growth...

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Rising to the Challenge: goTenna


Superstorm Sandy knocked out wireless cell towers in its path, leaving millions unable to communicate when they needed to most.

Realizing the need for off-grid communication, particularly in the case of a natural disaster, siblings Daniela and Jorge Perdomo developed goTenna, a small communications device that pairs wirelessly with a smartphone using Bluetooth Low-Energy. 

Consisting of an antenna, rechargeable Lithium-polymer battery, micro-USB connector, and a flash memory that can store hundreds of messages, goTenna devices are able to generate...

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Rising to the Challenge: CALM Energy


calm energy

By Royce Gene, Intern, Urban Innovation & Sustainability, Center for Economic Transformation 

New York’s power grid is old, unreliable and increasingly more strained–and it doesn’t take a Superstorm Sandy to prove it.

On hot summer days in the city, the vulnerability of our system can be just as apparent.

NYC-based smart grid company CALM Energy has developed a product that can help address this challenge, without requiring billions in capital investments to the grid.

Their product,

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Rising to the Challenge: FW Brown and Flood Panel


Superstorm Sandy's powerful winds and unprecedented high waves devastated New York City's coastline.

A record-setting thirteen-foot storm surge inundated subway tunnels, office buildings, and businesses, causing billions in flood damage and revealing our coastline’s vulnerability in an era of rising sea levels.

F. William Brown LLC, in conjunction with Flood Panel, LLC. offers a full range of flood protection services to protect small businesses from the threat of flooding and costly flood damage in the face of a future storm.

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Rising to the Challenge: Home Free


walter meyer

Solar power played a crucial role in the recovery of the Rockaway peninsula during Hurricane Sandy.

Leading the solar recovery effort was a non-profit, Power Rockaways Resilience (PRR) whose founders include three urban sustainability designers, engineers, and technical experts: Walter Meyer,Jennifer Bolstad, and R. David Gibbs. They formed the organization to help the Rockaway community in the aftermath of the storm by quickly deploying solar and other renewable off-grid technologies to help...

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NYCEDC's Social Capital Desk Invests In Change


Investing in Change

By Alysa Hannon, Senior Project Manager, Social Capital Desk at the Center for Economic Transformation

On Wednesday night, NYCEDC's Social Capital Desk joined over 100 attendees at Investing in Change, an event organized by the Partnership Fund for New York City, DarcMatter, and the Centre for Social Innovation to showcase businesses that are growing our economy while also solving our City’s problems. 

NYCEDC co-sponsored the event in a joint effort to highlight NYC’s vibrant and growing social enterprise sector...

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