Launching the Digital Health Marketplace and Breakthrough Network


pilot day group

At the third annual Pilot Day, 200 leaders from tech and healthcare came together at the Alexandria Center for Life Science – NYC to celebrate a major event in healthcare innovation.

Speaking to the assembled crowd, NYCEDC’s Kathleen Warner, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of the Center for Economic Transformation, unveiled ten promising health tech pilots and announced a major expansion of our efforts to drive collaboration between the City’s tech sector and its hospitals, payers, and community clinics. 

In order for these partners to navigate the...

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SBIR Impact: Measuring Its First Two Years



In the first two years of the SBIR Impact NYC program, over $5 million in federal funds have been awarded to program participants, representing a 25-fold return on investment.

SBIR Impact is a NYCEDC program designed to help NYC-based bio and health tech companies be more competitive in recruiting early-stage funding, SBIR funding is crucial as it addresses what the industry calls the “Valley of Death”—that crucial gap for any company after institutional research grants run out and before investors step in.

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NYC's Growing Life Sciences Ecosystem


PHD Biosciences

Where would we be without MRIs or Lipitor?

These innovations revolutionized healthcare, enabling us to diagnose and treat illnesses and live healthier lives. Diagnostics technologies like diabetes tests, research facilities, and other medical devices and therapeutics (medicines) all make up a vast and vital industry known as Life Sciences.

It’s an industry that New York City is uniquely positioned to lead.

NYC: A Leader in Life Sciences

New York City is home to top pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, Eli Lilly, and Roche. We have some of the best centers for...

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Pilot Health Tech NYC Seeks Consultant For 2015 Program


pilot health tech

NYC needs you to help reimagine the world’s largest digital health competition.

Pilot Health Tech NYC has awarded $2 million to health tech companies and hospitals to help them adopt technologies that improve New Yorkers’ health and save them money. Today, NYCEDC is calling for partners to help chart a new course for this successful program.

Pilot Health Tech NYC matches technology companies to potential clients including hospitals, clinics, researchers, insurers, employers, and more....

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The ABCs of SBIR/STTR Funding


By Lenzie Harcum, Biosciences and Health Tech Desk

Are you researching a cure for cancer, incubating a new application for clinical record keeping, or developing a diagnostic test for Alzheimer's?

Maybe you’re convinced that you’re working on a game-changing technology, all while you travel ever closer to the Valley of Death—that zone somewhere between the initial development of your innovative idea and proof that it has potential in the marketplace.

The rub is that you need capital to jump start your concept from the idea stage to something marketable. If there is high technical...

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NYC: A Leader In Life Sciences


life sci

Building upon its world-class teaching hospitals, highly developed philanthropic community, and close proximity to the large life science clusters in neighboring counties, New York City’s commercial life science industry has recently gained momentum.

As of 2013, there were approximately 13,700 life science jobs within NYC. These jobs were mostly in research and development, but also in medical device manufacturing and pharmaceutical manufacturing. This is small compared to other major industries in NYC, comprising just 0.4% of private employment. However, the larger New York-Long Island-Northern NJ Metropolitan Statistical Area...

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Life Sciences

Making the Next Generation of Scientists


Dr Aaron Kyle

Photo Credit: Tim Lee

Experiential laboratories are changing the way New York students learn science.

Dr. Aaron Kyle initially went into engineering because he preferred working with machines over people. But a few years into his grad program at Purdue University, Dr. Kyle started teaching undergraduate courses and found that he actually loved working with students.

“It was the most exciting thing I did in grad school,” he said. “After meeting my wife, of course.”

Today, Dr. Kyle directs the

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HYPOTHEkids: Nurturing The Next Generation Of Scientists


erika teaching


Studies report that America's interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) subjects is waning. In fact, the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology states that roughly 40% of college students who major in engineering and science switch majors before graduation. 


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Harlem Biospace, STEM

Lessons Learned From Past Pilot Health Tech Winners


pilot health tech panel

By Andrew O'Shaughnessy, Tech and Bioscience Project Manager, Center for Economic Transformation

This week, 90 entrepreneurs and healthcare leaders attended a standing-room-only information session for Pilot Health Tech NYC at The Alexandria Center for Life Science – NYC.

Last year's Pilot winners joined Lenzie Harcum, VP of NYCEDC’s Center for Economic Transformation, and Jean-Luc Neptune, SVP at Health 2.0, on a panel to share their experiences...

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Meet Christine Kovich, Co-Founder of Harlem Biospace


harlem biospace door

Harlem Biospace is the first city-backed incubator that supports early-stage NYC biotech companies. Since opening in November, it has contributed to an ongoing economic revitalization in Harlem. So far, sixteen promising biotech companies have taken up residency. Their work in cutting-edge technologies range from personalized diagnostics to new drugs that treat prostate, lung, and other cancers.
We talked to Harlem...
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