NYCxDESIGN Returns: May 3 - May 17


On May 3rd, 2016, NYCxDESIGN, New York City's official celebration of global design, returns for its fourth year. 

NYCxDESIGN was created in collaboration with the New York City Council in 2013 with a goal to showcase the important role that the design industry plays in the City’s economy, and to entice design enthusiasts from around the world to visit and explore NYC’s rich diversity of design offerings. Managed by NYC & Company and NYCEDC and informed by a Steering Committee composed of leaders...

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April Economic Snapshot: Biodiversity in NYC


A closer look at New York City’s biodiversity.

Coyotes in Inwood Park, beavers in the East River, and a Painted Bunting in Brooklyn…in our concrete jungle, it can be easy to think that nature exists somewhere else, but the city’s five boroughs are home to an extraordinary number of habitats and species. In honor of Earth Day, our monthly snapshot takes a closer look at New York City’s biodiversity.

New York City sits at the mouth of the Hudson River, where it empties into the Atlantic Ocean. Freshwater, saltwater, wetlands, and woodlands all make up parts of the cities ecosystem, but plants and animals have also found interesting ways to adapt to...

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Sunshine in the City: The Power of Solar in NYC


When you think about solar panels, a New York City rooftop is likely not the first place you envision. But NYC’s high costs of electricity and progressive renewable energy policies make going solar in the five boroughs not only feasible, but economical.

As a member of the NYC Solar Partnership, NYCEDC works to support the deployment of renewable energy and the companies that make solar possible in New York City.


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Rising to the Challenge: NYC Daylighting Inc.


By Nicole Spina and Kokei Otosi, Urban Innovation & Sustainability, Center for Economic Transformation

Solatube Daylighting Systems create a more resilient New York by bringing daylight indoors. 

When Superstorm Sandy hit in 2012, Rockaway residents and business owners Mike and Susan Shea were firsthand witnesses to the devastation. While they worked to repair their home and family business, the dire situation highlighted an opportunity for the Sheas to strengthen the resiliency of their own community by decreasing its reliance on the power grid.

The Sheas are long-time owners of Rockaway-based NYC Daylighting, a...

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smArtapps comes to NYC with eyes set on America’s 35,000 museums


By Maxence Huyghe (Originally published on Medium)

smArtapps’s mission is to offer a new experience for museums and cultural venue visitors. To enhance the museum experience, we have developed a variety of digital solutions tailor-made for each institution that we work with. In France — and especially in Paris — we already work with the greatest cultural institutions: the Eiffel Tower, Musée Picasso-Paris, and the fourteen museums of the city of...

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My Meeting with the First Female Mayor of Paris: A Moment I Will Never Forget in Mogul’s History


Tiffany and Mayor

By Tiffany Pham, Founder and CEO of Mogul (Originally published on Medium)

With a mission to empower women on a global scale via access to information, Mogul was honored to learn that we were a winner of the 

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Crowd Based Capitalism – Thinking Ahead with Prof. Arun Sundararajan


By Maria Surilas, Research Assistant, Economic Research and Analysis

Airbnb, Uber, TaskRabbit and Lyft. These companies are just a few examples of what has been called the “sharing economy.” On Friday, February 26th, as part of its Thinking Ahead speaker series, NYCEDC hosted Prof. Arun Sundararajan of the Stern School at NYU to discuss the evolution and impact of the sharing economy. An authority on what he calls the “Crowd Based Capitalism”, the title of a forthcoming book, Prof. Sundararajan has advised the National Economic Council, the Federal Reserve Bank, the White House, and the Federal Trade Commission on the explosion of...

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NYC Venture Fellows Visit with Next Jump


Members of the 2016 NYC Venture Fellows class gathered at the headquarters of e-commerce company Next Jump for an afternoon of workshops focused on fostering a productive company culture.

Labelled “The Most Successful Company You’ve Never Heard Of” by Inc. in 2014, Next Jump provides employee rewards programs for nearly 60% of Fortune 500 companies and more than 100 million Americans. But beyond maintaining a thriving business, Next Jump aims to “change the world by changing...

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B&B Carousell Added to the National Register of Historic Places


B&B Carousell added to the National Register of Historic Places

We’re excited that B&B Carousell was just added to the National Register of Historic Places! NYCEDC played a key role in the preservation of this historic Coney Island gem, managing the meticulous 6 year restoration. You can watch a short documentary that showcases the restoration process.

History of the B&B Carousell

The period between 1880 and the early 1930s has been labeled as the golden age of carousel production, with between 2,000 and 3,000 carousels produced in Brooklyn during this time...

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Coney Island

February Economic Snapshot: Small Businesses in NYC


By Kimberly A. Grauer, Project Manager, Economic and Research Analysis 

Small businesses are a hugely important part of the economy.

The Small Business Administration recently cited that over 99.7 % of all employers are small firms across the United States. Small businesses are especially important in NYC, employing approximately 1.7 million individuals as of Q4 2014. Recently, the Center on Urban Future, a NYC think tank, found that just over 90% of all NYC businesses actually had fewer than 20 employees. According to their research, this is a higher percentage than all but one of the 363 metro areas...

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