Industry Trends & Insights: Advertising in New York City


by Kevin McCaffrey, Economics Research and Analysis Project Manager

Is Madison Avenue still in New York?

Our most recent Industry Trends & Insights report explores advertising in New York City. This new report, which discusses the City’s role in the advertising industry, focuses on employment, establishments, wages, and industry trends such as consolidation,...

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Employment and Establishment Growth by Borough


This month's economic snapshot examines the industries that are driving employment growth in New York City, with specific data comparisons between the five boroughs.

How did the boroughs stack up?

Sept Eco Snapshot chart 1

  • Brooklyn saw the greatest absolute gain in private jobs and establishment growth. In terms of establishments, it added almost 13,000, a 32.4 percent increase.
  • Manhattan accounted for just over half of jobs gained, but Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx gained jobs at a faster rate.
  • Queens posted the greatest single-borough employment growth over...
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Industries Driving Employment and Establishment Growth in NYC


The August 2013 Economic Snapshot focuses on the New York State Department of Labor's recently released 2012 QCEW data for New York City, which provides information on employment, number of establishments, and wages by industry. 

From 2000 to 2012, the number of private establishments in NYC increased by 17.7 percent while employment levels rose 5.3 percent. The resulting decline in the average number of employees per establishment (13.1 in 2012 versus 14.6 in 2000) illustrates the important role of small businesses in the NYC economy.

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