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World to NYC Recap

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World to NYC Recap

We held our first World to NYC session of the year this past week and received an excellent response. With over 50 participants representing 32 companies from over 10 countries (including five Latin American nations), the program apprised key business leaders of how they can thrive in the New York City tech landscape.

The three-day event consisted of company tours, panel discussions, lectures, and multiple networking events. Panels of successful foreign entrepreneurs, legal advisors, HR representatives, and venture capitalists instructed attendees how to bring their tech company to New York City: how to fulfill immigration requirements, hire top tech talent, adapt to NYC business culture, and more. For the finale, participants attended and networked at New York Tech Meetup.

This year’s program catalyzed growth in New York for many companies; over 20 of the attending enterprises confirmed that they plan to create an office in NYC by the end of the year.

Delegate Carlos Rozo from Thotz said, “Before coming to this program, an office in New York City was just a second option, a 'Plan B.' But after attending this program, we know we will be missing a big opportunity if we don't plan on being here very soon.”

Senior Director at NYCEDC Kristy Sundjaja said, “Meeting the delegates and seeing their enthusiasm for this City and its blossoming tech scene reinforces our belief that NYC is the ideal incubator for an international startup.”

We look forward to seeing these international companies take root and thrive in New York City. To find out more about the program and how you can participate, visit World to NYC.

Many thanks to our panelists and company hosts for helping us put together this program: Lance Barton, Jonathan Basker, Kai Brinker, Judith Clegg, Wil Evans, Selena Hadzibabic, Melanie Hughes, Feargall Kenny, David Lerner, Joey Levin, Dinesh Moorjani, Shane Naughton, Nick Rockwell, David Rose, Steven Rosenbaum, Kevin Ryan, Tom Sanson, Howard Smith, Ware Sykes, David Tisch, Alex Torrenegra, Pedro Torres Picon, Karsten Vagner, Mark Voysey,  and Kat Yanatos.

Thanks to the teams at General Assembly, IAC, TheLadders, Gilt Groupe, NASDAQ, Hive @ 55, and ShopKeep.com.  



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