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On the Sunnyside Yard, Part 6: The Size of the Yard


As the City of New York and Amtrak continue a master planning process to explore the future of Sunnyside Yard in Western Queens, the On the Sunnyside Yard blog series explores a variety of topics related to the yard. In this sixth installment: the immense size of the yard.

Sunnyside Yard covers a vast 180 acres, and this wealth of space presents many opportunities for housing, parks, schools, shops, and much more.  As the master planning process continues, public meetings and community input will help shape the future of the yard—and take full advantage of its size and the variety it affords—to create the best plan for the next generation and beyond.

But just visualizing that amount of available space in New York City can be hard. So here’s how the size of Sunnyside Yard compares:

1 Sunnyside Yard (180 Acres) is…

3x Astoria Park (~60 acres)

136x a football field (~1.3 acres)

> Governor’s Island (172 acres)

6x Hunters Point South (~30 acres)

22% larger than Roosevelt Island (147 acres)

And lastly, it would take almost 90,000,000 bagels (4 inches across) to cover the entire yard.

What would you like to see at Sunnyside Yard? Learn more and get involved in the master planning process here.

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