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Startup Panel

Startup Panel

Top: IARU panel "Startups: Their Journey to Success" at Pivotal Labs on June 7, 2012. Above, left to right: Luis S. Miranda, Alastair Coote, Rodrigo Fuentes, Steve Bryant, Marissa Evans, & Jennifer Lucy. Photo credits: Rose Jia, Founder,

On June 7th, over 150 people crowded into Pivotal Labs to hear the sold-out panel “Startups: Their Journey to Success,” hosted by the IARU

Panelists included NYC BigApps 3.0 Hackathon winner Alastair Coote and NYC BigApps 3.0 (and Hackathon) winner Luis Miranda, along with several other early-stage NYC entrepreneurs. Founders gave this heartfelt advice to aspiring entrepreneurs in the audience:

“Keep with an idea that drives your passion. You can abandon a good idea but not passion.” -- Alastair Coote, Founder, Taxonomy

“Your startup might have started as just something ‘fun,’ but eventually you need to be an adult and have that honest conversation of what happens next.” -- Luis S. Miranda, Co-Founder, Scene Near Me

“Embrace the value of patience because not everything will happen instantaneously.” -- Jennifer Lucy, Co-Founder, Urban Cargo

“Indecision saps your team's dedication. You need to be decisive for your team to support you.” -- Rodrigo Fuentes, Co-Founder and CEO, RevSign, formerly callTrackingFox

“Strong leaders are good at 'giving away' leadership and decreasing day-to-day involvement as the business grows.” -- Marissa Evans, Founder and CEO, Go Try It On

“In a startup, you must build your own support 'scaffolding'.” -- Steve Bryant, Co-Founder, Rental Car Rally

Created for the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU), an umbrella alumni organization comprising 10 top global universities, t he aims to be a platform for introducing the latest game-changers and innovators rethinking and revitalizing traditional industries. Don't miss the first happy hour, to take place tomorrow!




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