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"The Spanish Market"


Vegetables and other Latin groceries from Moore Street Market.

Yuca, sofrito, pique (Puerto Rican-style hot sauce), pasteles, and cilantro from Moore Street Market.

By Christina Torcato, Marketing Manager

My family has been going for years to Moore Street Market, one of Brooklyn’s oldest indoor markets serving East Williamsburg and the surrounding neighborhoods for close to 70 years. One of its most faithful patrons was my grandmother, who, after emigrating from Puerto Rico to Brooklyn, and later central Jersey, would always make the trip to Moore Street Market in Brooklyn. It was her number one source to get good quality and often hard-to-find Spanish foods and products.

She has since passed away, but my mother has kept up the tradition of making trips to the market to pick up things like pasteles—a patty made with meat and green plantains, wrapped in a banana leaf that’s very traditional of Puerto Rico and very deliciousand sofrito, a seasoning used as a base in many Latin American dishes, consisting of garlic, onion, peppers, cilantro and tomatoes cooked in olive oil.

I usually place an order with my mother whenever she’s planning to go to the market. It’s the place to go to get some authentic Latin American goodies! Take a look at more photos on our Tumblr and visit the market when preparing your next holiday meal.

Moore Street Market is located at 110 Moore Street in Brooklyn, located between Graham Avenue and Humboldt Street. It’s easily reached by the L train to Montrose Avenue and the J and M trains to Flushing Avenue.



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