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Second Round of ConnectNYC Launches




New York City recognizes how important secure and reliable high-speed Internet is to growing companies. ConnectNYC Fiber Access program offers businesses free construction and installation of fiber cable to businesses’ office space, a cost that can be prohibitive.* If you’re a business that depends on secure and reliable Internet, there’s no time to waste in applying for the free program at

Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until December 12, 2013 or until the available allocated construction funds are exhausted (up to $14 million in fiber construction cost coverage). In other words, the funds will be snapped up in a New York minute, so you’ll want to jump on this extraordinary opportunity.

Participating businesses must:

  • have an office location in NYC
  • have fewer than 500 employees
  • explain the anticipated impact of dedicated fiber optic cable on their business activities

Applications for ConnectNYC Fiber Access will be evaluated based on the potential impact of fiber on the applicant’s business and feasibility of fiber construction at the building’s location. Approved applicants that successfully negotiate a one-year service contract with one of five participating Internet Service Providers (ISPs), including Time Warner Cable Business Class and Cablevision.

ConnectNYC Fiber Access is being led by NYCEDC in partnership with ChallengePost, a New York City startup that enables competitive public problem-solving. The first round of ConnectNYC connected 24 companies with high-speed Internet through Time Warner Cable Business Class and Cablevision, with several more companies currently in negotiations.

3rd Ward, a business incubator that offers a series of educational classes located in the North Brooklyn Industrial Business Zone, is one of the companies to receive a free fiber build-out. Through the ConnectNYC program, 3rd Ward signed a contract with Time Warner Cable Business Class, which increased their Internet speed by 500%.


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*The program covers the cost of construction and installation only. Applicants are responsible for monthly Internet service fees at negotiated market rates.



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