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WiredNYC is an initiative of the Bloomberg Administration charged with bringing transparency to broadband connectivity in NYC's commercial buildings. It is a certification program that evaluates the broadband infrastructure of New York City's commercial buildings.

Robyn Mohr of WiredNYC shares information on an upcoming General Assembly class that WiredNYC is offering to help businesses navigate the daunting search for office space.  

Since our launch in September, WiredNYC has been changing the conversation about connectivity. Over the last few months, WiredNYC has worked with landlords to better understand the technology in their buildings. Through the “Wired Certified” Program, we've been helping building owners evaluate and upgrade their internet infrastructure.  

To date, 335 commercial buildings throughout Manhattan have taken our survey—the first step in the WiredNYC program. Through the survey, we assess a building’s internet infrastructure, ask questions about what network equipment is available in the building, and identify how many carriers supply service to building tenants. After taking our survey, we send out a team of experts to perform building audits to confirm survey answers and collect additional information.  

Once the audit is performed, WiredNYC crafts a set of recommendations to help a building improve its Wired Score. Buildings then have the choice of following our recommendations or using their confirmed Wired Score for certification. More than 70 buildings have been certified in neighborhoods including Midtown, Flatiron, Union Square, and the Financial District. That means that New York City has a total of 58 million square feet of connected space, certified by WiredNYC.  

Through the program, we’re also focused on educating tech tenants about what kind of connectivity their businesses requires and what buildings can do to meet those needs. To that end, we’re committed to helping tech tenants find the buildings that have been certified by WiredNYC as having “best in class” internet connectivity. We know how important the internet is to companies, so we’ve teamed up with General Assembly to spread the word.

On March 26, from 6:30 - 8:30 pm, WiredNYC is hosting a class at General Assembly (pictured above) called, Space Invaders: The Search for NYC Office Space. In this class, we will introduce start-ups to the WiredNYC program and educate members of the tech community about their commercial real estate options in New York City. We will also review what companies should be looking for in their next office, highlighting tech-friendly commercial buildings, co-working spaces, and incubators. We will also discuss the nuts and bolts of internet connectivity and infrastructure. Founders and employees of start-ups who are looking to make their first move or expand their growing business are strongly encouraged to attend.

Sign up and find more information about this class on General Assembly’s website.

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