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Roadify Reflects on Winning NYC BigApps 2.0


Guest Blog by Dylan Goelz, Head of Marketing and Design, Roadify

For our team, the NYC BigApps ceremony this year was a surreal event.  We were there as happy spectators, content to enjoy a free beer and congratulate the winners. After all, our basement startup had fought well, but ended in second place in the Popular Choice category, ceding the podium to a surging Sportaneous. So we prepared ourselves for a relaxed event of mingling amongst fellow contestants. To our complete shock, we instead found ourselves onstage shaking hands with Mayor Bloomberg, beneath a neon screen reading Grand Prize Winner: Roadify. Our BigApps moment was an amazing validation for our team and our amazing community of users, but more importantly of the vision for which Roadify stands: a personalized and connected commuting experience that’s empowered by Open Data and fellow commuters in real-time. Over the last year, we’ve been working to take the best commuting info available, pull out the stuff that doesn’t matter to you, and allow you to make that information even smarter by adding live reports.  This vision is one that’s inherent to the city in which we live, as we New Yorkers love our Tech, use our Transit, and hate to wait but love to talk about how long we waited. The first characteristics explain why transit apps do so well here and have had such success in BigApps to date. The last bit is why Roadify was chosen this year. Since standing onstage next to the Mayor, life at Roadify has been an exciting whirlwind. We’ve moved from our home office/basement in Brooklyn to the Hive at 55, a fantastic coworking space in the Financial District.  We’re working on Roadify 2.0, which will redefine the way that New Yorkers interact with and perceive “the commute” by turning it into a personalized, efficient, even enjoyable part of your day (yes, it is possible!). We’re also expanding to new modes of transit, like commuter rail, and will soon be accessible by more devices, including Android.  We owe a massive amount of gratitude to our users, our friends and family, the City of New York and Mayor Bloomberg, as well as to BMWi, whose doubling of the prize pool made an incredible night even more special. There’s a “Thanks” button in the app with your names on it.

Editor's note: The Roadify iPhone App won the Grand Prize for Best Overall Application at last year's NYC BigApps. Roadify was also selected for “Popular Choice” Second Prize. Above, watch a video of the team's reaction to winning, moments after they accepted the prize.

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