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NYCxDESIGN 2017 by the Numbers


NYCxDESIGN drew nearly 350,000 attendees and added $60 million to the gross city product.

Approximately 347,000 people attended NYCxDESIGN 2017 to celebrate graphic design, architecture, urban design, fashion, furniture, and more.[1] Of those, 71% were residents of the five boroughs and 29% were visitors. Representative of New York City’s global status, the event drew 34,600 visitors (10%) from the metropolitan area, 11,500 (3%) from the Mid-Atlantic or New England, 30,000 (9%) from elsewhere in the US, and 23,000 (7%) internationally.

With over four hundred events to choose from, attendees frequented three to four events on average, the most popular being exhibitions and installations. The majority of visitors (83%) work in a design-related occupation or industry, while another 5% study design.

The event produced economic gains for New York City’s economy in terms of tourist and host organization spending as well as through hiring local employees. Approximately 57,000 attendees were tourists, specifically visiting for NYCxDESIGN. These visitors spent $67.2 million for lodging, food, shopping, and entertainment, which added value of $54.4 million to New York City’s Gross City product.[2] Comparatively, NYC & Company estimates that spending by tourists in New York City totaled $41.2 billion in 2014.[3]

NYCxDESIGN tourists stayed longer and spent more than other visitors. Tourists visiting primarily for the celebration stayed five days and spent $268 per day, on average, compared to the three days and $166 spending per day estimated for tourists in New York City for other reasons.[4]

Nearly all of the NYCxDESIGN events (93%) hired employees. Organizations based in New York City hired nearly 590 full-time and 2,040 part-time employees to support their events. Notably, an estimated $4.9 million was generated in revenue, even with most events offering free admission.

This fifth edition of NYCxDESIGN was a great success. The average satisfaction rating among attendees was 8.1 and among organizers was 8.4 out of 10—both ratings up from last year. Also pointing to the acclaim of the event, over 74% of repeat exhibitor participants thought NYCxDESIGN was better this year than last year, with all 100% of organizers reporting that this year’s event was at least as good. We look forward to welcoming the 97% of attendees and 100% organizers who say they plan to return next year.

[1] All figures are based from surveys conducted among attendees and exhibitors by the New York City Economic Development Corporation, unless otherwise noted.

[2] A multiplier was used to calculate the value-added to Gross City Product based on the Bureau of Economic Analysis’s RIMS II input-output model.

[3] NYC & Company’s 2014 “Economic Impact of Travel & Tourism” Report,

[4] NYC & Company’s 2015 Travel and Tourism Market Profiles: “Overseas Visitors” and “Domestic Visitors,”



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