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Springfield Gardens

Springfield Gardens

The Queens neighborhood of Springfield Gardens will soon find relief from chronic flooding issues through infrastructure construction initiated by the Department of Environmental Protection, the Department of Transportation, and the Parks Department with design and construction management assistance provided by the New York City Economic Development Corporation.  The area has suffered from chronic flooding due to low lying street grades and a lack of adequate storm sewers. Long term efforts to improve infrastructure in Springfield Gardens began in 2004, and the start of construction for Phase D will mark a $70 million investment in the neighborhood, expected to be complete by fall 2014. 

The new construction phase will improve drainage infrastructure and upgrade existing sanitary sewer and water mains. The City will dredge Springfield Lake and build three new storm water wetlands upstream and downstream of the lake to provide a surrounding barrier for the lake and clean runoff water flowing into Jamaica Bay. Springfield Boulevard reconstruction will include the addition of a pavement median strip to absorb water runoff, and the extension of the street to 147th Avenue. 

Long term planning efforts in Springfield Gardens will provide extended benefits for the community. These new features will improve the neighborhood’s water quality and enhance the area with over 89,000 total new plantings as well as new sidewalks and bike paths for improved transportation. The Department of Environmental Protection and Department of Transportation have devoted $130 million to date to alleviate flooding issues in the area as part of a long term sewer construction plan. The City will invest approximately $20 million to reinforce the Springfield Lake and build three new storm water wetlands next spring into next fall.

Councilmember James Sanders, Jr. represents District 31 in Queens, home to the Springfield Gardens redevelopment. Councilmember Sanders supported the City’s efforts, saying "For years, Springfield Gardens residents have dealt with the damage and dangers that result from severe flooding every time there is a heavy rain.  From water damage to their homes and roads, to flooded streets that make driving a hazard, to the pools of standing water that invite mosquitoes and create a stink, the floods have wreaked havoc on people's lives and cost them thousands of dollars in repairs.  It's been a long time coming, but finally, meaningful upgrades and repairs are coming to our community in the form of new construction in and around Springfield Lake that will run clean water off of our streets and away from our homes towards Jamaica Bay.  I thank our friends at the Departments of Environmental Protection and Parks, and the Economic Development Corporation for their hard work in implementing this project.  I look forward to its completion, and to a new beginning for Springfield Gardens."



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