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NYC Point of View: Kat Lau


macs on macsA Tech September To Remember

Kat Lau had quite the month this past September contributing to a number of NYC tech milestones. As a project manager in the Center for Economic Transformation on the Media and Tech team, Kat works on projects that include Digital.NYC, NYC Tech Talent Draft, and our suite of broadband initiatives.

Collectively, these initiatives are advancing New York City as the nation’s fastest-growing tech hub. Though she is a San Francisco Bay Area native, Kat is proud to call NYC home after living here for just one year. She frequently posts photos of her adventures to her personal account, including the one above from October's Digital.NYC launch.

It was an honor to have Kat as our Instagram Ambassador from September to October. During this time, she shared images from both tech and urban scenes from around the city. 

We asked Kat for the story behind some of her favorite images posted on the NYCEDC account. Here’s her POV.


Sunset from the Williamsburg Waterfront

Sunsets in New York are beautiful all year around, but in the summer at least it’s warm enough to enjoy them outside. I saw dozens of incredible sunsets this summer, and this was just the one that I happened to take a picture of. No filter, so what you see here is what it was. With every passing minute, the sky just lit up more and more and the East River looked like liquid metal. Add a warm breeze and delicious food on the waterfront: perfect night.


Skyscrapers in Lower Manhattan

I took this shot from One Brooklyn Bridge Plaza after a telecom event. From this vantage point, you can see so much of Lower Manhattan, and I remember being awed by how much history was contained within one shot. I captioned the photo pointing out the Manhattan Municipal Building, completed in 1914, and One World Trade, now being completed 100 years later.

A friend later pointed out that the photo actually contains an even wider historical span: City Hall, built in 1811. Point taken, but hey, 100 years had a nice ring to it.


BigApps Awards Ceremony at BRIC

Our team jokingly called the month “A Tech September to Remember,” because so many of NYCEDC’s tech initiatives celebrated huge milestones. Pictured here is one of those, the final awards ceremony for BigApps, a competition to create tech solutions for some of New York’s most pressing problems.

BigApps has a very special place in my heart, because it’s actually how I first heard about NYCEDC. I had pretty separate interests in cities and technology, and in college when I heard about BigApps it was the first time I realized that there did indeed exist an intersection between the two—and that intersection was somewhere I wanted to work! Years later, here I am celebrating the end of BigApps’ fifth iteration, and so proud to work for the organization that made it all happen.

Thanks to Kat for serving as our Instagram Ambassador! Be sure to follow NYCEDC on Instagram for more of her spectacular shots around the city! Check out our previous Ambassador's point of view posts and stay tuned for our next Instagram Ambassador recap coming from Max Taffet, a project manager in our Ports, Development and Transportation department. 



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