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NYC Fancy Food Winner: Chulita's Famous


Chulita's Famous

Two unlikely friends, Gloribell Taveras and Susana Columna are brazen Latinas with a big dream: to bring all-natural, wholesome Latin spices to the world. In 2011, Gloribell and Susana opened Chulita’s Famous in Brooklyn starting with two sofrito recipes and two spice blends. Chulita’s Famous all-natural sofritos, which are blended mixes of aromatic vegetables, herbs, and spices, create a seasoning base for traditional Spanish food. And when the Chulita Gals say "all-natural," they mean no MSG, no modified food starch, and no artificial fillers, thickeners or preservatives; Just real food.

Gloribell, the culinary creative behind Chulita’s Famous has a stellar reputation in the kitchen. Her spirited personality inspires the flavors and nuances of their spice blends and sofritos, and her dedication to high quality, all natural ingredients is helping bring traditional Latin flavor into people’s homes.

When it comes to building a business strategy around Gloribell’s passion for food, Susana steps in to help turn vision into reality. Susana has been instrumental in scaling the Chulita’s Famous brand up to production standards and has been known to lend a hand in the taste-testing department.

Together, the ladies of Chulita’s Famous have started to make a name for themselves, selling their products in select specialty food markets throughout NYC. Learn more about Chulita’s Famous and the sassy ladies behind the spices on their website. While you’re there check out where to buy an authentic sofrito so you can get to grilling Chulita-style chicken!

Chulita's Famous is one of the winners of the NYC Fancy Food Show Contest and is headed to Washington D.C. on June 17th to participate in the NASFT 2012 Summer Fancy Food Show. Find out more about NYCEDC’s initiatives to support immigrant entrepreneurs.



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