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From New York To Sochi: New York Embroidery Studio Helps Create Outfits For Olympic Opening And Closing Ceremonies


Looking good, Team USA!

Team USA made a patriotic appearance at the opening ceremony for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, and part of it was made in NYC.

New York Embroidery Studio, based in the Garment District, can take credit for the full and half zip worn by all U.S. Olympic coaches, support staff, and newscasters at the ceremony. Michelle Feinberg, President of New York Embroidery Studio, says the studio also made patches and embroidery for the coat and pants worn at the closing ceremony (pictured below).

New York Embroidery Studio was recently named a winner of the Fashion Manufacturing Initiative, a program that NYCEDC co-administers with the Council of Fashion Designers of America to support small businesses in the city's fashion and manufacturing sectors.

We spoke with New York Embroidery Studio President Michelle Feinberg about what she hopes to get out of the funding as the studio upgrades its technology. 

What is the New York Embroidery Studio? 

The New York Embroidery Studio is a full-service embellishment factory that provides same-day samples to designers throughout the city. We serve the entire range of designers working in the city, from emerging fashion houses to bridge lines to runway. 

How did you get your start in embroidery? 

I got my start in fashion on the job board at FIT when I was a student there back in the early 1990s. There was a posting for a part-time lace designer at Manhattan Scalloping in the Garment District. That very quickly became a full-time embellishment design job and I was soon learning every aspect of the business. I’ve been working in the Garment District ever since.

How will being part of the Fashion Manufacturing Initiative help your business?

Fashion has always been a fast-moving target, but the same technological advances that impact every other industry impact fashion as well. To remain competitive and keep the standards of quality that our customers have grown to expect of us, we have to embrace new technologies and production methods. The matching funds we received in the FMI grant will allow us to purchase new equipment and train employees, with the goal of keeping and creating more jobs for New York.

What have been some of the coolest designs/projects you’ve worked on?

The embroidery for Ralph Lauren’s Olympics ceremonies, the Marc Jacobs dress Anna Wintour wore to the Met Gala, the Thakoon dress worn by Taylor Schilling, and the Reem Acra dress worn by Zooey Deschanel are some of my personal favorites. Every runway collection is such a unique and awesome experience, it’s hard to explain how much work but how rewarding those are. Really, the thing I love most is seeing our products on people walking down the street, in store windows, or on a magazine cover.

What advice do you have for people aspiring to get into fashion? 

Learning how to sketch, to communicate ideas to other people, is critical. Words just aren’t enough—drawing is the language of design. Also, learning how garments are actually constructed teaches you what is possible and what isn’t. Hands-on experience in cutting, sewing, and pattern-making gives a very practical and real advantage. Putting those things together gives you real potential to succeed in this industry. And the Garment District is the place to do it.

We look forward to seeing the continued growth of emerging design businesses like the New York Embroidery Studio in NYC. To learn more about what we are doing to promote fashion manufacturing in the city, visit our fashion page




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