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New York City has the fastest growing start-up scene in the world.

Nearly 300,000 New Yorkers work in the innovation economy, with employment growing at 7.6% per year—faster than almost any other sector. Over three billion dollars of venture capital have flowed into the New York City area over the last four quarters alone, contributing to what’s already a $125 billion tech economy.

Of course, the true success of our tech sector extends beyond the numbers and into the manifestation of a vibrant ecosystem. Anyone entering the NYC tech scene is gaining access to finance-tech, media-tech, fashion-tech, and the high-tech connections to every other industry that New York leads. That’s why New York-based companies like Makers Row, Etsy, Kickstarter, and Foursquare are using tech to democratize the way the world manufactures, designs, raises money, and connects.

At NYCEDC, we are continually asking ourselves how to build on this momentum, scrutinizing the tech ecosystem to find the gaps, and swiftly acting to address them. We're deep into a number of programs meant to support some of the most fundamental needs of a growing tech community:

  • Engineering Talent: Through the Applied Sciences Initiative, we’re building world-class applied sciences and engineering campuses in NYC, which will double the number of engineering grads in NYC in less than a generation.
  • Affordable Workspace: We’ve developed a network of 15 incubators to ensure that real estate isn’t a barrier to companies getting started. Along with affordable workspace, our incubators provide valuable services like business counseling, networking, and mentorship opportunities.
  • Public Data: We run NYC BigApps, the largest municipally-run civic innovation competition, that has generated hundreds of innovations to make the city a better place to live, work, learn, and play in.
  • Tech Education: To foster more high school tech talent, we developed NYC Generation Tech, a summer program that connects smart young people with tech mentors to learn how to code and develop products that become viable businesses.

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With so much going on in NYC's tech naturally diverse ecosystem, knowing where to begin can be tough. A young new upstart might have a hard time finding mentorship or incubation. An innovative entrepreneur might not know how to get funded. Even a small but established company looking to grow could have trouble finding talent and new business opportunities. This gap—the access gap—needed to be filled.


Announced by Mayor de Blasio a few weeks ago, DIGITAL.NYC is the result of a partnership between NYCEDC and NYC-based Gust to create a one-stop-shop for all things tech in New York City. DIGITAL.NYC uses Bluemix, IBM’s newest cloud development technology, to integrate all the information and resources for New York City’s digital economy in one place and keep the community tapped into the very latest information. 

With just a click, anyone can access any part of the tech ecosystem. DIGITAL.NYC houses news about events; jobs, workspaces; a live database of New York City startups and early-stage investors; streaming updates of career opportunities; educational courses, and co-working spaces; and a universal calendar with NYC startup community events on funding, real estate and networking opportunities, incentives guidance, and recruitment information.

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It’s no coincidence that DIGITAL.NYC is hosted on New York City’s brand new, exclusive web real estate: .NYC, which provides a home on the web for those who call the five boroughs home. An affiliation with NYC has always been a hip and legitimate value-add anywhere in the world and the new .NYC domain name offers real value to businesses based here and those thinking about coming here.

More than anything, .NYC highlights what we share in common: our great city.

New Yorkers have always had our own shining corner of the world. Now we have our own shining place on the web. 

Get your .NYC domain name today, enter the city's incredible tech ecosystem, and show the world where you’re from.

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