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Meet the 2013 NYC Next Idea Finalists


2013 Next Idea Finalists

With over 200 entries to this year's NYC Next Idea 2013 global business competition, we have narrowed it down to six finalists! These top-tier teams will pitch their ideas this week to a panel of elite investors and entrepreneurs for the chance to win the $35,000 grand prize.

Meet the six finalist teams

  1. BUZZtheBar is a marketing and ordering logistics services provider. BUZZtheBar’s order management system helps bars and nightclubs streamline their drink service by allowing patrons to use mobile devices to place drink orders, then receive notifications when their orders are ready. 
  2. FitUsIn provides simplified, on-demand booking of excess gym capacity. FitUsIn offers an online service and app that connects unused gym capacity with non-members of fitness centres. 
  3. Glovico is a Fair Trade language school where people from developing countries teach their mother tongues via Skype. Glovico markets 55-minute lessons in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic and English as well as 25 other regional languages. 
  4. Kisibox has developed a mobile key-sharing platform that allows granting access to a property remotely. The owner can grant or revoke access rights through his App and authorize people to open his lock. 
  5. Cortex Systems International is developing a software program called Medical Ethics Virtual Experience (MEVE). Cortex is a socially-responsible software development company that creates virtual simulation platforms to apply to real-world situations and their main mission is to help people understand what they believe through integrating human thought with evolving technology. 
  6. PLUSME is a mobile application for intuitive, extremely fast, and efficient event planning on the go. The application allows its users to organize spontaneous meetings with their peers and also discover discounted tickets to public events nearby. 



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