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LifeSci NYC Internship Boot Camp


The LifeSci NYC Internship Program held its pre-internship “boot camp”— a four-day intensive training program—right after Memorial Day. The program was held at CUSP, NYU’s Center for Urban Science and Progress, located on NYU Tandon School of Engineering’s campus in Brooklyn. 

A stellar roster of guest speakers presented the modules on professional and career development for the 65 students. Subjects studied included:

  • What Does Health and Health Care Mean? Industry Overview and Trends
  • Beating Burnout and Tackling Impostor Phenomenon
  • Intrapreneurship—Being a Changemaker from Within
  • From the Bench to the Boardroom: Advising Biotech Clients, Big and Small

The students gave high ratings for the overall experience and particularly enjoyed activities geared toward self-assessment, teamwork, and leadership.

One student summed up the experience this way:

“My favorite experience at boot camp was speaking with other interns while building friendships and professional relationships. This would not have been possible without the boot camp's team-oriented activities and bonding opportunities. Of course, the talks were excellent as well. I did not expect seasoned professionals to come in and offer us words of wisdom and industry insights, which I greatly appreciated. Also, the breadth and landscape of health care is so vast, it was really impressive to hear from so many speakers from different areas of the industry.”

Above all, it was evident that the interns loved getting to know each other. As LifeSci NYC works to establish New York City as the global leader in life sciences research and innovation, it is also creating a pipeline of young talent. By gelling as a cohort at this early stage in their careers, these interns—the industry’s next generation of innovators—are forming bonds that will strengthen as they become life sciences leaders. Each will find their own niche within the sector, promising that this upcoming generation will have a well-rounded and well-established community to draw on. Scientists who need finance expertise or marketing wizards, for example, will have a network in place—one that will expand as each young achiever’s career advances. One member of the cohort stated, “Once again, thank you all for doing this—when you continue to run this program and I somehow become a big shot within the industry I'll make sure to stay in touch.”

Most of the interns began their assignments on Monday, June 4, and LifeSci NYC has already received positive feedback from both interns and hosts.

LifeSci NYC’s first social event for interns and hosts was a get-together at the New York Philharmonic’s concert in Central Park. Upcoming enrichment programming this summer includes a tour of the New York Stem Cell Foundation and a planned tour and career panel at Flatiron Health. We are eager to hear about all that is being accomplished in the labs and offices where interns are now putting their efforts to work.

Learn more about the LifeSci NYC Internship Program.



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