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Green NYC 2025: The Future of Green Technologies in NYC


Green NYC 2025 Report

Earlier this month, NYCEDC released Green NYC 2025 – Opportunities in Cleantech’s Digital Evolution, a report on how NYC can play a leading role in urban sustainability innovations over the next decade. 

Green NYC 2025 identified an emerging segment of the industry as particularly favorable for NYC: “Green 2.0,” or digitally-enabled products and services that use information, data and technology to address environmental, energy and resource constraints.

With the input of nearly 80 industry leaders, we found that NYC’s strengths in software, finance, data and analytics provide a strong foundation for local businesses to develop solutions for both local and global cleantech markets. 

NYCEDC’s targeted actions to overcome unique barriers to this sector’s future growth could create over 9,000 new jobs by 2025.

To learn more about NYCEDC’s vision for New York City’s green and cleantech sectors, please read Green NYC 2025 – Opportunities in Cleantech’s Digital Evolution. 




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