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(Google) Hangout With NYCEDC Entrepreneur at Large


Entrepreneur at Large

By Steven Rosenbaum, NYCEDC Entrepreneur at Large

So, you've got a startup? Or you've got an idea that you think could become one? Chances are, you've shared the idea with a few friends who've pronounced it "awesome" and a few potential investors or angels who've asked you a slew of questions you don't yet have the answers to.

Being a startup CEO is hard. Every solution comes wrapped in a problem. Around every corner is a competitor, or a collaborator or both.

As New York City's first Entrepreneur at Large (EAL), I've lived the dream. Actually, I'm living it right now as the CEO of, a venture and angel-backed tech company that's grown a big footprint in the emerging video curation space. Running a tech startup is hard, and I love every minute of it.

When I took on the role of EAL, I promised myself two things:

1. I would share everything I've learned about building businesses in NYC with the emerging class of startup innovators. 
2. I wouldn't pull any punches in advising NYCEDC about what startups need to grow in the City.

Introducing Virtual Office Hours

On Friday, December 7th from 12 - 1 PM, I'll break some new ground and hold the first of what promises to be regular Office Hours. But since we're all about tech, I'm going to do it online—Virtual Office Hoursusing Google Hangouts.

We can talk about Fundraising, Business Plans, Pitching and Equity. We can dig into what New York City is doing for Startups, and what you think needs to be done to make the city an even better place to build a tech company. Marketing, Release, Broadband access. You name itwe'll talk about it. And along the way I can share my experiences and challenges in building winning companies in NYC.

It will be an open forum, with lots of back and forth.  So come armed with your own questions, ideas, and a New York love of speaking your mind. 

And for all you traditionalists, stay tuned for future in-person office hours, too!

Introducing Ask an EAL

Can’t make it on Dec 7th? Come up with more questions you meant to ask? No problem. Drop me a line instead. I’ll be compiling questions and will publish answers on NYCEDC’s website, on a biweekly basis. Don’t worry if you’re still in stealth modeyour identity and question will be kept completely anonymous.

This EAL is open for businessso come on in. 



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