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Free Public Pools in NYC

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Map of all 56 free public pools in NYC

Although summer isn't officially over until September 22nd, Labor Day is traditionally viewed as the last day of summer vacation.  It will also be the final day to put in your laps at any of the 56 free outdoor swimming pools located throughout New York City. According to the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation, Manhattan has the greatest number of outdoor pools with 16 pools, but Brooklyn falls right behind with 15.

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Altogether, these 56 outdoor pools hold over 2.7 million cubic feet of water, ranging in size from wading pools to Olympic-size swimming facilities. Manhattan pools alone hold more than 1 million cubic feet of water (38.6%). The largest pool in the city is the Olympic-sized Highbridge Pool, located in Manhattan at Amsterdam and West 173rd Street.  That pool is 220 feet long,162 feet wide and10.5 feet deep— a whopping 374,220 cubic feet, which is almost 2.8 million gallons of water!

For more on outdoor activities in New York City, which contribute to the health and quality of life of New York City’s residents and workforce, check out our June 2013 Economic Snapshot for running and biking statistics.

View a PDF version of NYC's pool map here.

Source: City of New York Parks & Recreation,



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