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Every Week is Shark Week at the New York Aquarium


Shark Week comes only once a  year, but Coney Island now offers sharks-on-demand all year long.

The annual overdose has started—for the purists, there’s prime-time programming every night on Discovery. For the cross-over fans, there’s Shark Tank Meets Shark Week. For the shopper, there are shark-themed chip bowls, leggings, and pool toys. But if you prefer your sharks a little more up-close and personal, your particular fix is right at the New York Aquarium in Coney Island.

The aquarium’s new exhibit—Ocean Wonders: Sharks!—opened last month and immerses visitors in a massive, 57,000-square-foot oceanic environment, where you can meet some of the fish, sea turtles, rays, and, yes, sharks that live just off the city’s shores. These underwater species are some of our least-seen neighbors, but with 115 marine species on display, including 18 species of sharks and rays, they are invisible no more. And with features like a coral reef tunnel—which puts the sharks, rays, and fish around you in almost every direction—the exhibit allows you to safely explore the colorful majesty of the underwater world without ever getting wet.

This exhibit was made possible, in part, thanks to a funding agreement administered by NYCEDC. Funding agreements use City capital funds to help underwrite the cost of projects that offer a public benefit. This particular agreement, worth over $100 million, includes an amendment to finance ongoing recovery from Hurricane Sandy and, in addition to bringing Ocean Wonders: Sharks! to life, helped create a new roof-top classroom, multiple event spaces, and a roof deck with ocean views, all in Sandy-affected Coney Island.

As Tracy Morgan famously said on 30 Rock, “Live every week like it’s Shark Week.” This exhibit is ongoing, so you can take his advice to heart and visit the New York Aquarium year-round.



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